Types of fajas according to their use

Types of fajas according to their use

The fajas market is huge due to the different types and needs they cover. Knowing each type is important when it’s time to recommend them; according to their specs, we can know how useful or for what specific faja need they’re ideal. 

How they’re classified is very ample, but in this opportunity you’ll get to know girdles according to their use. Post-surgery and postpartum shapewear, also daily use, for special events or sports girdles.

Post- op girdles

Post surgery girdles help women to have a proper recovery after an aesthetic procedure. These are classified according to the compression given, the stage the patient is in, and the procedure. 

Most post-surgical girdles are made with fabrics and fibers that relieve swelling while helping to shape the figure. They prevent deformities and fluid accumulation, besides helping scar healing and avoiding fibrosis.

It is very important to know what kind of procedure the client is going to go through since according to this you can suggest the ideal shapewear with the proper requirements. Each surgery has its challenges and this is very important to know.

Generally, after a cosmetic surgery, the patient must wear girdles for at least two months. So it is recommended to buy a minimum of two girdles.

Post- op girdles


After giving birth women start a recovery cycle that lasts about four months. Postpartum girdles help them to get their pre-baby body faster, while helping organize the organs, improve the posture and relieve back pain. 

Postpartum girdles can be worn immediately after giving birth. Remember it is always important to consult the doctor before.




If the woman had a c-section the scar should be taken into consideration, which is often found on the lower abdomen. Depending on the place of the scar, avoid girdles with zipper closures or crotches that can cause discomfort .

If it was a natural childbirth we may encounter a perineal tear that affects the ability to sit, urinate, or walk during the first days. It’s important that girdle makes it easier when using the bathroom and doesn’t affect the vagina-anus zone. 

Breasts are another important point. When breastfeeding starts, they get bigger, so open bust girdles are recommended to avoid discomfort. 

Daily or eventual use

Daily use girdles are generally made with softer fabrics than post-surgical and postpartum shapers. Their main purpose is to stylize the silhouette and hide certain body imperfections.

Usually clients try to hide love fat rolls, accentuate the waist, enhance the buttocks, flatten the abdomen and in some cases improve posture since some fajas help to maintain a straight back position.



Workout shapewear

Workout girdles help to improve posture and avoid injuries. Some of them offer thermal effects to help reduce measurements and eliminate toxins. These type of girdles are covered with latex, neoprene, among others.

These girdles help to protect key body areas that can be affected by certain types of exercises and movements.

They provide the correct stability when exercising or carrying weight. They also compress susceptible areas, provide reinforcement to the lumbar area and help to recover the silhouette

These are girdle types according to their use. Which one will help you sell more?


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