What Are Fajas Colombianas?

What Are Fajas Colombianas?

Fajas Colombianas is a word blend frequently tossed around to depict shapewear. In any case, what is this shapewear, truly? What compels it stand apart above others?

First off, "fajas Colombianas" is the Spanish expression used to distinguish specific shapewear. Be that as it may, while fajas have forever been a Colombian shapewear staple, they've as of late been perceived and embraced by different nations and locales as a new and better way than secure and compliment the figure.

Yet, just precisely what are fajas Colombianas and what makes them so exceptionally respected? In contrast with other lighter pressure pieces of clothing, what makes them so exceptional and how could they go under the spotlight?

From their clinical industry beginnings to their solid Powernet texture to their different styles and uses, Leonisa separates what makes fajas Colombianas the very best shapewear you can find.


Before fajas Colombianas turned out to be all the more regularly worn and viewed as ordinary shapewear, these pieces of clothing were planned for clinical purposes. Starting out of Colombia, a restorative medical procedure community world capital, fajas were once utilized as clinical grade postoperative wear for patients recuperating from liposuction and other nip fold schedules. Basically, they were utilized to support a quicker recuperation, to diminish expanding and to permit the skin to appropriately fix.

Because of their more tight and more grounded hold, particularly over the standard supports that were then available, fajas Colombianas became adjusted as shapewear by Latina ladies who wanted a more hourglass-molded, well proportioned figure. Also, fajas just took off further from that point. Today, it is utilized by ladies all over the place.


What Makes Fajas Colombianas Unique?

As referenced, fajas Colombianas, which were once expected exclusively as post-careful supports, are created with materials so secure areas of strength for and they can give ladies a more characterized waistline and molded body shape with the very best help.

Furthermore, since Colombian materials have been enhancing to offer this help, fajas Colombianas are more well known than any time in recent memory, permitting ladies to accomplish the impeccably chiseled physique with different sorts of shapewear.

While many body shapers are produced in China with less expensive and lighter materials, genuine fajas Colombianas are created in Colombia from more grounded texture materials, like Powernet. While your standard low pressure body shapers and shapewear can be tracked down in nylon and spandex materials, fajas Colombianas' high pressure Powernet is a modern strength and clinical grade material. To put it plainly, fajas Colombianas are unique and unmatched top notch.

PowerSlim®, SmartLace®, SkinFuse® and DuraFit® are Leonisa's selective advancements of Powernet shapewear, which is presented in numerous remarkable styles, fits and pressure qualities. PowerSlim additionally comes in shapewear and post-careful articles of clothing and supports for all kinds of people. The excellence of PowerSlim lies in its clever texture construction and novel quality, permitting articles of clothing to hold their shape after numerous washes and day to day wear. Built with a hexagonal shape, the texture likewise takes into consideration more prominent air flow, guaranteeing a crisp inclination in any event, during sweat on a hot day or at the exercise center. What's more, obviously, the external covering is made out of Powernet, a mix of cotton and plastic.

Regardless of what kind of shapewear you like, Leonisa offers Fajas Colombianas for everybody. From consistent delicate pressure to firm pressure shapewear, we're certain you'll find a style you love!

When to Use Fajas Colombianas


Since fajas Colombianas arrive in various styles, fits and pressure qualities, they likewise offer different purposes. These pieces of clothing are even actually endorsed as was initially planned — for postoperative shapewear — to wear after liposuction, increase mammoplasty and a mastectomy. Yet, they've likewise been embraced for the overwhelming majority different things, like post pregnancy wear and as body shapers to give ladies a hot, well proportioned body.

Numerous ladies love to wear fajas Colombianas shapewear styles under their number one night dresses or sundresses during extraordinary events. What's more, they likewise make a superb shapewear part of put underneath a wedding outfit on your important day.

Fajas Colombianas additionally come in styles to help your child knock during pregnancy as well as post pregnancy shapewear for new mothers who wish to feel sure and get their bodies once again to ordinary. What's more, on the grounds that fajas Colombianas were initially expected as post-careful shapewear, there are likewise styles accessible for mothers who've gone through a Cesarean segment.

For ladies hoping to get into shape, some fajas Colombianas are even presented as sports apparel, fit for being worn under your exercise garments and tights. There are even fajas supports to be utilized as stance correctors, which can likewise be utilized while working out at the exercise center to keep your body adjusted and in a legitimate position.

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