10 Reasons to use Fajas Colombianas

10 Reasons to use Fajas Colombianas

 Do you want to know the benefits of using a reducing girdle or a shaping girdle? In Singular Corsetería we are going to tell you why, a reducing girdle can become our best ally :)

1) The main reason is that girdles and shapers are the perfect undergarment for many of us because they help us feel comfortable in our outer garments. Who does not love the fact of wearing a dress for hours and not thinking about whether this mollita or the other one marks me, sitting or standing? :)

2) Also, you will be able to wear many tight clothes that, simply because of their fabrics, do not look good without a shaper under them. There are many girls who, even if they are in a 36-38 pants, also need these fajitas. Wearing a slimming girdle or shaping girdle is not just for curvy girls. The sashes help to smooth our figure to show off the most beautiful tight dresses. It is done! Many girls wear a girdle so that, with the tight dress, the panties are not marked on the hip.

3) There are many different girdles, each one ideal for the garment we are wearing at that time. You will be able to choose between panties, pants, bodysuit style girdles or even molded dress girdles (at the end of the article we explain which one is perfect according to the outer garment we wear). There are many girdles that serve for many types of outerwear but, imagine you need a backless girdle ... how does your body fit? : O We also have it! And, obviously, this type of fajita is more special and you will want it only for specific garments and not for everyday ones.

4) And in relation to the last thing we were telling you about ... The fourth reason and not least ... Girdles can become our maximum super ally if we are talking about tight dresses and also, backless! Come on, that a backless girdle is capable of saving us from a good situation and event J
5) Shaping girdles are also ideal for pregnant women. Some girdles are recommended during pregnancy as they help prevent back pain or kidney pain due to the weight of the tummy :)

6) Girdles are also perfect for after giving birth. They help to collect the belly well in the postpartum quarantine. Proper pressure on the girdle in the belly and abdomen area will help it return to its place much earlier.

7) Also, many reducing and / or shaping girdles are recommended for post surgery. They help wounds heal much faster and help prevent wounds from opening or hurting in their healing process. For example: after a cesarean section.

8) Smooth cellulite. A pants-style girdle, cut pants or shorts, whatever you want to call it, is ideal not only for achieving a flat stomach thanks to its high cut in the abdomen area, but also for smoothing the pouches, reducing them and, best of all , smooth the orange peel, cellulite! By collecting the thigh area, this type of girdle will manage to smooth cellulite, thus being able to wear super tight dresses and super tight pants without marking cellulite. Isn't that cool :)

9) That the dresses are not transparent. There are several types of fajas that are ideal for dresses that tend to show a little due to their type of fabric. For example, hasn't it ever happened to you that with certain summer dresses, your legs are very transparent? With the pants cut sashes you will forget something like that. Once you are wearing it, try looking at yourself against the light, it is incredible how it stops transparent from the leg! You will be super comfortable :)

10) And simply, because they help to raise our spirits and why not, the odd pair of pants;);)
And these are the 10 benefits of using a good reducing girdle or a shaping girdle, depending on what we need.

Surely there are many more reasons to use them. We simply want you to see that a girdle can become a super ally of us :)

In addition, we would like to comment on a very common mistake that we make before buying a reducing girdle ... It will surely interest you and also, it will surely make you buy the perfect girdle the first time.

Many of us hear the word girdle and the world falls on us. We think that they are uncomfortable, that the girdle is not going to let us breathe during a dance or during a lunch or dinner, that the reducing girdle is going to roll us up all the time when we move or sit down, and, not at all, We just have to be clear about a super simple thing that, in addition, is the main mistake that many of us make when we buy a reducing girdle or a shaping girdle:

Wear our proper size!

When the belts are rolled up, it is because we have bought a small reducing belt. We have to bring the right size to us so that it adapts to our body perfectly and does not move in the least.

We think that, if we buy one size less than what we usually wear pants, it will help us to compress more the waist, the abdomen or the pouches and thus we will be better and more divine.

Here is the mistake, the girdles are designed to take our size, neither more (it will not do anything or reduce) or less (it will not let us breathe and it will roll up all the time).

We must wear our size. If in the product description we specify that, for example, an L is equivalent to a 44-46 of pants, we have to buy the L, because this reducing belt is already designed to reduce that size of pants. If we buy the M, it will not be able to reduce us, since it will be lowered and rolled up all the time and, in the end, we will finish removing it and we will not use it anymore!

And ... after this talk (we hope you found it very interesting), we are going to tell you a bit about what it is for a type of cut of the girdle and later, we will leave you a link to the best selling girdles of Singular Corsetry :)
Cut-off braga girdle: the braga cut girdle is perfect for very tight dresses that are also short or above the knee. So if you sit down or move around too much, this type of fajita will never be seen or appreciated.

Cut-off girdle Pant: cut-off girdles are perfect for midi dresses or long dresses. This type of girdle has an extra, it will not only reduce the belly and waist area, but it will also smooth and reduce the pouches and visually eliminate cellulite.

Body-style girdle: Body-style girdles come in handy for extra support in the chest area. The body shapers are like any other fajita but with the plus of wearing straps to feel more attached. Some body shaper even have a built-in bra. An ideal 2-in-1 garment!

Dress-style girdle: These are also often called shaping dresses. Shaping dresses are usually strong sashes that collect the entire body very well. They are usually used especially to wear under very tight dresses that also tend to be transparent.

And ... Reducing girdle or shaping girdle? What difference there are?

And this is the last question that you usually ask us long before deciding between one belt or another. Normally the difference between a reducing belt and a shaper is the type of fabric.

The reducing belt usually has extra reinforcements in the area of ​​the lateral abdomen and in the abdomen itself. Not only do they mold, but they also usually reduce a few centimeters.

Instead, the shaping girdle is often used more to smooth the body. For example, as we have mentioned before, to wear very tight or tight dresses in which we want the panty to be marked, the cut of the panty on the hip or the termination of these at the front or rear.

Now, yes, yes, we already leave you the link to the fajitas that you like the most in Singular.