• What Are Fajas Colombianas?

        Fajas Colombianas were originally made for medical use before they became more widely worn and regarded as everyday shapewear.  Fajas were once used as medical-grade postoperative wear for patients recovering from liposuction and other nip tuck procedures.

         Their origins lie in Colombia, a major cosmetic surgery center in the world.They were primarily used to speed up recovery, reduce swelling, and allow the skin to properly tighten.  Latina women who desired a more hourglass-shaped, curvaceous figure adapted fajas Colombianas as shapewear due to their tighter and stronger hold, especially over the standard girdles that were available at the time.  Fajas continued their upward trajectory from there.It is utilized by women worldwide today. 

  • How to choose a faja according to your body type?

    How to choose a faja according to your body type? Girdles are effective in shaping the figure in seconds as long as we use the ideal model. There a...
  • Types of fajas according to their use

    Types of fajas according to their use

    The fajas market is huge due to the different types and needs they cover. Knowing each type is important when it’s time to recommend them; according to their specs, we can know how useful or for what specific faja need they’re ideal. 

  • What is Powernet?

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  • Why are Colombian fajas internationally recognized?

    The market of Colombian fajas has developed and reached out to different nations. Because of their quality, they have turned into a business reference in the US. "Fajas Colombianas" have become inseparable from top caliber. However, for what reason was this conceivable?

    Colombia is the principal fajas and pressure article of clothing exporter. Despite the fact that not the nation sells more, it is very much perceived in this. It has turned into the clients' #1 thanks to their viability.

    Colombian organizations work consistently so they can keep the excellent norms to turn into the clients' top choices. Colombian fajas' acclaim abroad is because of their uniqueness, which improves them than other contenders' items. A few organizations have likewise fostered their own textures, butt-lifting framework, stomach control, and besides, they offer various plans, styles, and models.
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  • Everyday Use Colombian Shapewear for Women

    We all have to work but we also need a time out to breathe and rest. Dare to book plans to travel, relax, go to the lake or camping. The best way to enjoy this is by feeling comfortable, fresh and feminine in your own skin. In this blog post, we recommend Colombian shapewear for women that’ll become your best ally regarding fashion and control so you can enjoy peacefully while living a well-deserved escape from routine.

  • Post Partum Fajas

    Post Partum Fajas


    Post Partum Fajas are the best ally for women who want to get back their shape and relieve
    inflammation after giving birth.  We have post-partum fajas, specially designed for this
    periods, making life easier for all moms!  Get to know a little about them.

  • 7 Reasons Why Fajas Are Good for Everyday Use

    5 Reasons Why Fajas Are Good for Everyday Use

    Since body molding pieces of clothing found their direction to the market, they've been assuming control over each style. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that they have to a greater extent a foundation job, they've turned into a #1 for individuals for what they offer. Fajas, otherwise called supports, are among the most renowned body-molding articles of clothing. They fix your body and feature your bends, giving it a general more appealing look. Fajas are additionally prestigious in the clinical field, just like a fundamental piece of recuperation from body-molding medical procedures.

  • What Are Fajas Colombianas?

    What Are Fajas Colombianas?

    Fajas Colombianas is a word blend frequently tossed around to depict shapewear. In any case, what is this shapewear, truly? What compels it stand apart above others?

    First off, "fajas Colombianas" is the Spanish expression used to distinguish specific shapewear. Be that as it may, while fajas have forever been a Colombian shapewear staple, they've as of late been perceived and embraced by different nations and locales as a new and better way than secure and compliment the figure.

  • Shapewear You Will Love. No Pressure....

    Shapewear You Will Love. No Pressure....

    shapewear you will love

    New brands are endeavoring a live regardless of it approach in publicizing to late school graduates. However, will youngsters address being squashed?

    Sliding into these fajas reductoras strangely feels like vacuum fixing oneself.

    As someone who'd never worn the stuff, it was, most ideal situation, discernibly abnormal. Ideally, my internal organs felt so crunched that I hustled to the bathroom to shimmy out of it somewhat through the work day.