• 5 Post Surgery Recovery Tips

    5 Post Surgery Recovery Tips

    The care after a liposuction is of vital importance for post surgery recovery and when we
    perform a surgical procedure the most important thing is recovery because our body will be totally sore and vulnerable, we will feel a slight depression after anesthesia and that is when we should know and have these 5 tips to make this process much more bearable for you.

    Tip #1
    Eat Animal protein in abundance.

  • What is Powernet material made of?

    Manufacturers use power mesh for control-top pantyhose, control slips, long-line bras, long-line panties and other garments designed to smooth the figure. Although more common in women's undergarments, pot-belly control undershirts and other contour garments for men use power mesh fabric, as well. This lightweight, four-way stretch fabric has strength, body and resilience and works well for home decor, such as for cushions and swags. Stretched over a recessed light source, power mesh fabric can even cast a soft glow in an entryway.
  • Is waist training dangerous?

    I know that you might be a little skeptical about waist training. 


    Despite the huge portfolio of results, I am sure you’ve seen the scare-mongering that casts its shadow over this topic:


    “Waist training is dangerous!”


    This statement is often followed up with CT images of women with squashed organs and broken ribs. But how real is this risk?

  • How Waist Training with Fajas Colombianas Can Help YOU... Benefit #3 will shock you!

    How Waist Training with Fajas Colombianas Can Help YOU... Benefit #3 will shock you!

         Waist training has SO many benefits and I just want to share a few of those with you in this segment.

    The hype surrounding faja waist training is unavoidable. Bigger better curves are something that we all strive for, and with the celebrity endorsement that colombian fajas waist training has gained, it’s difficult to ignore.

  • How does a faja waist trainer work? Lose up to 5 inches within 3 months.

    How does a faja waist trainer work?

    A waist trainer is a high-compression shaping garment that you wear around your midsection to slim your waistline instantly and supplement your fitness goals. Most waist trainers stimulate thermal activity in your core, making you sweat more with less effort during exercise.

  • How Many Hours to Waist Train Daily

    How Many Hours to Waist Train Daily        Besides using the waist trainer as a workout outfit, there are many ways to use the waist trainer. For i...
  • How to choose the perfect Colombian shapewear?

    The use of Colombian body shapers also known as 'fajas' goes way beyond a trendy craze, or an extravagant fashion indulgence. They are actually useful accessories valuable for people who are recovering from surgery, or for any woman to flaunt her feminine shape.  Once you know the reason for using a body shaper made from Colombia.
  • How to lose inches on your waistline with a Colombian waist trainer -lose 4 inches in 4 weeks!

         A lot of women ask me how long it takes to start seeing results with waist training.
         As much as waist training might be hot in the online world, people are still not very educated on the trend. The most frequent question we are asked is, “how long will it take for me to see some results?” 
  • How to wash your Faja Bodyshaper: Follow these easy step by step instructions

     You can hand wash your faja following the steps below:

    1. Fill a small tub or sink with lukewarm water (lukewarm is between 96 to 105 degrees, usually it should feel like your own body temperature) and dissolve 1-2 teaspoon of mild detergent.