• CORSETING OR WAIST TRAINING... Discover the solution that is best for you, your shape, your lifestyle, and your goals.

    CORSETING Steel-boned corsets use the boning and the tightening of the laces to slim the waistline. A corset will give you more dramatic slimming results but is less versatile and discreet than waist trainers. The construction of the corset ensures that the garment is durable and effective for maximum slimming. It is laced in the back for an optimum fit that provides dramatic results.

  • El robo de $ 2 millones alimenta el mercado negro de fajas

    El robo de $ 2 millones alimenta el mercado negro de fajas

    fajas de famosas

  • Topaz, A Beautiful Stone

    Topaz, A Beautiful Stone
    colombian topaz
    Topaz is one of several kinds of precious stones that are used in jewelry, it is very popular since they can be found in different sizes, shapes and colors, among the types of colors that we can find present in these, perhaps the rarest are pink and red, cataloged as the most desired on the market, but can also be found in different shades such as brown, yellow, orange and blue, the latter being the most easily found, gaining popularity among the people for being its low and moderate price
  • About Colombian Silver ...

    About Colombian Silver ...
    colombian silver
    Colombian Silver is a mineral that is found in nature generally in the form of sulfur or as free silver. Its atomic mass is 107.8683 u, its atomic number 47, its symbol on the periodic table is Ag, it has a melting point of 962 ° C and a boiling point of 2162 ° C.
  • The great bet of the Colombian jewelry and costume jewelry industry

    The great bet of the Colombian jewelery and costume jewelery industry

     colombian jewelry

    The external market is the great bet for the local Colombian jewelry and costume jewelry industry. The elaboration of unique pieces and the variety of materials with which they are produced are only two strengths. This is the panorama.
    Germany, Chile, the United States, France, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Peru are countries that offer great opportunities for Colombian jewelry and costume jewelry products.

  • 10 Celebrities who have become obsessed with girdles (PHOTOS)

         There is a long list of celebrities who have become obsessed with sashes, from Ninel Conde to Carolina Sandoval, there are several celebriti...
  • 3 keys to recover the figure quickly after delivery

    Have you just completed your pregnancy and are worried about your appearance? Do not worry, because today we want you to discover everything that the girdles can do, that is why we are going to give you some basic tips to recover your figure in a simple way, without having to put your health at risk or stop eating well. Are you encouraged to implement this methodology? Keep reading, because in this post we give you the help you need.
  • Girdles after cosmetic surgery: a sure step towards recovery

    When going through a post-surgical process, whether you have undergone liposuction, a mommy makeover or a tummy tuck, you need to keep in mind the tools that could be useful to accelerate your recovery, reduce inflammation and see results more quickly . And there is no doubt that the belts are the most useful garments in the market, because they are specifically designed for this.
  • 3 Things you should know about the use of girdles

    Most of the women have heard mixed opinions and myths about the viability of the use of the girdles, and the detractors of these garments have been in charge of spreading the false belief that they are bad, do not serve or are uncomfortable, which leads to Think about whether it is advisable or not to take that step of faith and dare to use them. That is why we want to take advantage of this space to tell you some things you should know, especially if they are new to your use and you are thinking of acquiring our products.
  • Advantages of the constant use of the reductive and sporty Men's Girdles

    Part of the good figure of a young man's body is due to a good diet and a balanced exercise routine, but if that is added to men's belts, the results can be much better than expected. Combining daily exercise with balanced food and pressure in the abdomen gives incredible results and in less time than expected.
  • What are the main benefits of using the girdle after delivery?

    There is always talk of depression women suffer after childbirth and the sadness of seeing their disfigured abdomen. But little is said about the benefits that pregnancy girdles offer in the long term after they have been used for a certain period between 6 months after delivery or the whole year. Although it is only visible on the outside that the abdomen has regained somewhat of its firmness, it is important to detail what other benefits are obtained from deciding to use the girdle after pregnancy.
  • What type of sports belt do I need for my exercise routine?

    When you start an exercise routine, it is common to suffer from an injury because you are barely knowing how it is. The sports belts provide enough support that an athlete needs to perform their entire routine without suffering any kind of lesson, despite being a person already experienced in the world of sports. If this support can provide a connoisseur of the