About Us

My Fajas Colombianas is the top e-commerce partner for several of the most prominent apparel Brands in Latin America. Our international shapewear product line offers more than 80 specialized styles available in 10 sizes from 3XS to 4XL. This ensures we have the right garment for each patient, the right garment for every aesthetic treatment and for daily use as well.


 My Fajas Colombianas develops the best luxury garments to meet the needs of our clients, ensuring the highest quality and absolute comfort in each of our garments. Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba, Cosmacol EMI and marine algae are all micro-components that have been recently added to the Lycra lining in our garments, creating a unique experience that offers many benefits for our clients.


All our Fajas Body Shapers Brands exceed the highest international quality standards. With a return rate below 1% for the last 6 consecutive years of all garments sold worldwide, our commitment to quality shows up in all our product sold in more than 100 stores in Colombia and 30 international franchisees. You know when choosing our brands, that our support, our commitment, and our focus is on you, whether for recovery after a procedure or for your own daily use and enjoyment.


We also show our commitment to you with our complete satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you do not feel that this is the best made, most comfortable compression garment available anywhere worldwide, please return the garment within 30 days of your purchase , for a full refund of your money. You have also 30 days after you purchase to send the product back in the case there are any defects in the snaps or seams. We hope you will agree that our Fajas are the world's leaders in comfort and durability. 

my fajas colombianas


Be the best-positioned company in the Hispanic (Latino) market for curve lovers, style and high quality, thanks to the excellent teamwork with companies that develop products with a great reputation worldwide. Guarantee commercial fairness and provide the best wholesale trade service. Offer the best guarantees to project the businesses of all the people who choose our service and put within reach all the advantages of e-commerce in a single web portal.


Be a global company allied with the best brands in the Hispanic market to be the first bridge that successfully links the wholesale trade between Latin America and the world. Giving each of our customers the best guarantees in online purchases to always generate greater satisfaction, success, and attention when making a purchase.  You can reach out to us at sales@myfajascolombianas.com