The use of Colombian fajas and frequently asked questions.

The use of Colombian fajas and frequently asked questions.
colombian fajas

Today I want to share with you some frequently asked questions; guide and motivate to use the Colombian girdles Shape your body with tranquility and confidence.

Is it a myth or reality that girdles are bad for circulation?

are fajas bad for you

It is a myth, what is advised is to use the appropriate size of girdle. When people exceed the level of compression and believe that the more adjusted the result will be better they are very wrong. The girdles are products of post surgical use as well as daily use that in most cases help to shape the body. If you have any pathology, consult your doctor.

How to choose the size of a faja?

how to choose the size of your faja

The first is to know what is the purpose of the belt to buy and what level of compression is appropriate. If you go to a store Your Body to buy your Colombian belt, it is best to measure it and so you can decide what type of compression you like best, in our stores Shape your body there will always be an adviser at your disposal orienting you to choose the most appropriate . If you cannot or do not want to go to a store, it is very easy to choose your girdle size by following our size chart Shape Your Body. Take the measurement of the hip and waist so you can know which size of girdle is correct when making your purchase online, you can also ask for guidance online. The most important thing is to feel comfortable at all times.

See our size chart here:

Is it recommended to wear after giving birth and why?

faja after birth

If recommended, in my three pregnancies I used a girdle and this helps to:

    For the abdomen to return to its natural form more quickly, both the muscles, as internal organs and the skin.
    Corrects the posture and gives stability to the back, providing a sense of security and recollection to make it more comfortable to breastfeed the baby.
    The girdle helps us fight the ‘void’ of the abdomen that is felt after giving birth.

Take into account if the birth is natural it can be used immediately, but if the delivery is ceased consult your gynecologist. You should probably wear your girdle two or three weeks later.

Do men also wear girdles?
do men wear girdles
Of course, it is very normal today that men want to take care of themselves and women like that they take care of themselves, in belts Shape your body we design two models that you can use according to the occasion, the main results are to maintain a better posture and reduce the abdomen with total comfort flexibility. Dare to use your girdle today.

How often should the belt be washed?

This depends on the sweating of each person and the use of the girdle. If it is for post-surgical use, it is better to have several spare bands, since the washing will be every time it is needed. If the girdle is for daily or postpartum use, it will depend on each person and the type of girdle, in our store Shape your body we have girdles with perineal template that allows only this space to be washed every day, providing total hygiene, so that It could be washed twice a week in its entirety. It is important to wash the girdle by hand so that its compression characteristics and its own technology are preserved, the Shape your body has microcapsules of seaweed and vitamin E, follow these instructions on how to wash your faja and you can keep more time than expected.

Is it recommended to sleep with a girdle?

When you perform a surgical procedure such as liposuction or tummy tuck, some surgeons recommend using a night girdle for a specific time but this condition is only determined by the attending physician, if this is not your case, do not use a girdle at night, rest the body and sleep very well remember that the belt helps you mold and reduce measures instantly but it depends on your diet and exercise that you lose weight. Use a girdle all day to see you more slender and beautiful and rest at night.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to write to us, it's very important for us to make sure you find your faja.

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