How to wash your Faja Bodyshaper: Follow these easy step by step instructions

How to wash your Faja Bodyshaper: Follow these easy step by step instructions.

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     I have done some extensive research on how to properly care for and properly wash your Colombian Fajas, and decided to share what I discovered with you. 

     First of all, keep in mind that the Original  My Fajas Colombianas are made of Powernet need special care while washing in order to maintain their quality and compression strength. It is best to hand wash only and you should never put your bodyshaper in a dryer machine, because it will alter the latex material that is within the fibers, and the quality will significantly diminish.

     Colombian made Fajas can change your body shape, improve your posture, and provide the back support your body needs which is important. You can prolong the life of your faja and  be sure your faja can be used as long as possible.

     So the essential part is taking care of your faja. If you skip this cleaning process then, you will notice that they will start losing their shape and effectiveness. Thus if you want a satisfying experience of using your waist trainer and reach the best result, then it is important to keep them clean.

By wearing your faja, over time it will accumulate a lot of toxins you will sweat out which means that if you do not clean or wash them, then it will start with a bad odor.  

     People usually don’t know how to clean waist trainer. For practical use of your waist trainer for a longer time, you need to take care of it properly. There are few tips which will really help you how to take care of your quality shape wears and use it for a longer time with effectiveness.


You can hand wash your faja following the steps below:

  1. Fill a small tub or sink with lukewarm water (lukewarm is between 96 to 105 degrees, usually it should feel like your own body temperature) and dissolve 1-2 teaspoon of mild detergent.
  2. Do not use bleach, stain removers or fabric softener – these may harm the stretch and moisture handling properties of this fabric. (IMPORTANT TIP) ONLY If you are washing a Post-Partum faja or Post Surgery faja and you have some bloodstains, then what you want to do to minimize bloodstains,  you will want to wash as soon as possible. A pre-soaking solution of a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in a gallon of water may help remove blood stains. 
  3. Submerge your faja bodyshaper into the soapy water and gently swish through all the colombian faja on both sides.
  4. Then grab a small sponge and gently rub on the INSIDE OF YOUR FAJA ONLY, this is done to the inside to wash away any dead body skin and dirt. A couple of minutes of this and you should be good to go with this step.
  5. After it has been cleaned, rinse the faja thoroughly with your hands and with cold water.
  6. Next, genty Squeeze the excess of water. Avoid twisting or wringing the faja while doing this, as we do not want to damage any hooks, etc.
  7. You can dry the faja bodyshaper with a dry towel to accelerate the drying process
  8. Finally, always air-dry your shapers flat or hanging.  Hang the bodyshaper to dry somewhere indoors, usually on a towel rack or on your shower rod. Do not hang outside in direct sunlight. Do not use a dryer machine.

Important Notes to remember:

It is also essential to use the right type of detergent for washing. Any detergent which consists fragrances, dyes, alcohol, bleachers and softeners may damage your waist trainer. Use detergents which are specially formed for washing of these shape wears. You can also make use of baby shampoo or mild shampoo for all the garments which contain latex.

Keep in mind that your faja is made of latex and Powernet materials, so keep it away from direct contact with sunlight for protecting it. When your faja waist trainer is exposed to direct sunlight for a period of time, then it may start losing its color and does not look good as before. So it is important to keep it away from direct contact with sunlight. .

If you properly hand wash and hang dry your Colombian Faja Bodyshaper you will enjoy the benefits of this high quality garment for a much longer time.

Also Alternate Waist Trainer,

f you have some trainers you like to wear every day, just be aware of the fact that latex needs a break to maintain its function? So we recommend you buy at least two  faja waist trainers and alternate them, so your faja trainers do not wear out too fast.

Storage it Properly

Once you have taken off your faja, place it flat in a chair, drawer or closet so won’t be exposed to light. You can also hang it on a lingerie hanger. Remember, to maintain its shape, never roll up your waist trainer!

How often should I wash my faja?

    How often one should wash their faja bodyshaper  typically depends on how many hours the user uses faja daily.   If you are wearing your faja a lot during the week, (around 6 to 8 hours a day).  Having said that, then you should have another faja handy because of the high usage.  Then you should wash your faja every 3 days or so.  Again, it will depend on the user, if you normally sweat a lot, then you may want to wash it more frequently, maybe 2 days or so.  Keep in mind that wearing a faja will accumulate dirt, sweat, dead skin, etc.  Do your body a favor and wash your faja when needed. 


 Can you wash your Colombian faja in the washing machine?

  In a short answer.. No. The Colombian Faja body shaper is made of Powernet, a very strong and durable fabric, with elastic properties  which could be damaged in the washing machine. You also cannot place your Faja Trainer in the dryer. 


Will my faja shrink if i wash it?

 No.  Because of its sturdy Powernet sturdy properties, the material itself will not shrink when you wash it.  The only way it will shrink is if you were to place the faja in a dryer, (which you should not do) because of its latex components.


Get the best results from your faja shapers by extending their life.

Once you have some of our high quality faja shapewear garments rotating through your wardrobe, you’ll wonder how you ever dressed without them. But if you fail to take proper care of them, you may be distraught to see  them to start to lose their elasticity, shape and effectiveness.

To get the most out of your faja, the most effective use out of your shaping garments, make sure you know how to wash your shapewear and how to wear it properly. Just follow the instructions we shared above and you will be fine.

- The best solution to keep your Faja shapewear functioning day after day is to rotate several pieces through your wardrobe!  Not only will you always look great, but you’ll feel fresh and clean when you’re regularly washing all of your Faja Colombiana Bodyshapers.  Stay Fabulous Friends!


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