The 5 best Colombian fajas to give you an instant slim look

The 5 best Colombian fajas to give you an instant slim look

 These 5  Colombian made waist trimmers are the ideal garment  to reduce the waist and shape your figure and give you that coca-cola look. These have respectfully are made  to excel in the international market for their comfort, attractiveness and quality.

Surely you have heard of the famous Colombian slimming belts.

But why are they so famous?

     Here we will share which are the best and what you have to look for before buying one. The Colombian girdle does work, and very well! These belts are also very helpful for those who have undergone an aesthetic or surgical procedure. Also for use during postpartum because they give additional support to the back. It is ideal to help reduce pain and improve posture.

Here are the top options ...

1. Fajas Salome 0214 Mid Thigh Body Shaper for Women


price $86.49

Made in Colombia with 3 levels of adjustment on the hooks. In 100% natural powernet latex material and 100% cotton inner lining:

This Colombian girdle is perfect to wear when you want to wear a dress with a chest neckline. It is made of latex and cotton so it will not hurt the seams. It has 3 hooks for greater adjustment and does not move. It has 9 different sizes that some will fit for you.

57% of buyers are happy with their belt made in Colombia. It is a great investment to adjust your body to the dress you have always wanted.

2. Diane & Geordi 002396 Women's Shapewear Waist Cincher


Price: $ 120.00

Full body girdle and high compression. With open crotch and adjustable hooks:

This girdle is for the whole body, it is perfect for after a pregnancy or when you are exercising your whole body. Tone your body all day, has 4 adjustable hooks and has a butt lifter. It doesn't matter what type of clothes you wear since it won't be marked. Don't worry about taking it off when you have to go to the bathroom, because it has an opening in the crotch.

Although its price may be a bit high, it is ideal if you want a full body girdle that enhances your buttocks.

3. Faja Salome 0216 Mid Thigh body shaper for Women


Price: $ 86.49

If you have already started your exercise routine, you need to have a girdle. This girdle wraps your waist with materials such as cotton and latex. It has 3 rows of hooks to fit according to your complexion. It is flexible and very durable, so do not worry about exercising in different ways.

Its price is very economical, and the model depends on its cost, because there are different colors and designs. They have 9 sizes ranging from the extra girl to the extra large. 50% of buyers love this product.

4. Fajas Salome 0419 Butt Lifter Tummy Control Shapewear for Women


Buttock lift belt, which shapes the short natural lift and enhances the hip:

Price: $ 63.00

If you are looking for a girdle that refines your waist and lifts your buttocks, this product is ideal for you. It has a great fit so that when you walk it doesn't move from its place, it doesn't matter if you run or exercise, because it won't move. It is lined with cotton so that when you have contact with your skin it gives it softness and does not have irritations.

If you want to wear something tight, it will not be marked on your clothes the best thing is that it will enhance your buttocks and shape your waist. The brand promises that if you are not satisfied with your product they will return your money.


5. Fajas Colombianas Salome 0351 Thong Tummy Control Shapewear for Women


Salome girdle that softens the chubby back, to give fine definition to your back.


Price $63.00

This girdle is a 100% Colombian product, used to exercise or if you had cosmetic surgery or just had a baby. Cover your abdomen, buttocks and back. It is recommended to use the first few times of 4 to 6 hours approximately, week by week see adding one hour until you reach a maximum of 10 hours a day.

Its fabric is so resistant that it can be washed every week without damaging or losing its shape. It has 67% of satisfied buyers.


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