What is Powernet material made of?

What is Powernet material made of?


what is powernet made of

     Manufacturers use power mesh for control-top pantyhose, control slips, long-line bras, long-line panties and other garments designed to smooth the figure. Although more common in women's undergarments, pot-belly control undershirts and other contour garments for men use power mesh fabric, as well. This lightweight, four-way stretch fabric has strength, body and resilience and works well for home decor, such as for cushions and swags. Stretched over a recessed light source, power mesh fabric can even cast a soft glow in an entryway.

     Power mesh fabric retains its shape and allows the skin to breathe. Due to the mesh texture, it allows moisture to escape, offering greater comfort than thicker stretchy fabrics such as spandex. It comes in white, black, cream and many skin tones from pale peach to dark brown. It also comes in many colors used in lingerie, such as pink, blue and red. It's generally color-fast, although as with any dark or bright fabric, it's safest to wash deep colors of power mesh alone for the first few washings.


Power mesh also works well for holding stuffing for homemade pillows or cushions. For example, sew two squares of power mesh together, leaving a 3-inch gap. Stuff the mesh with cotton batting or other filling. The mesh creates a firm, yielding surface that you can cover with any fabric. It also creates a smooth cushion or pillow surface by holding the filling firmly so it doesn't bulge or bunch against the pillow's outer fabric.

Sewing and Decorating


People with latex allergies should avoid skin contact with power mesh fabric. In addition, applying cornstarch to the skin makes it easier to get into tight power mesh garments such as power mesh body suits. Avoid exposing power mesh to heat, such as in a dryer or direct sunlight, because heat breaks down rubber products. Also, wash power mesh in warm water with mild soap, and hang it dry or use the air-dry setting in the dryer.


Powernet Details:

Designed to lift and enhance your natural curves, this PowerNet Mesh is the ideal material for shape wear including control top tights, longline underwear and control slips. Complete with high compression capabilities and enhanced durability, this performance mesh is also suitable for sportswear and medical products. This mesh will recover even after long periods of wear. Do note that this power mesh weighs 170gsm.

Its made out of 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex

Most items made from nylon can be machined washed and tumbled dried at low temperatures. To minimize static electricity use a dryer sheet when machine drying. If ironing is needed, iron on a low temperature.

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