How Waist Training with Fajas Colombianas Can Help YOU... Benefit #3 will shock you!

How Waist Training with Fajas Colombianas Can Help YOU... Benefit #3 will shock you!

     Waist training has SO many benefits and I just want to share a few of those with you in this segment.

The hype surrounding faja waist training is unavoidable. Bigger better curves are something that we all strive for, and with the celebrity endorsement that colombian fajas waist training has gained, it’s difficult to ignore.


But what can it actually do for you?

I want to share with you just a few of the MANY benefits of faja waist training!
You can learn more by reading our blog post HERE!
1. Instant results - If you just want to slip into a tight dress, a waist trainer can immediately snatch up your waist and conceal the lower belly fat, A.K.A "the bulge". Most people look 2-3 inches thinner instantly!
2. Weight Loss in stubborn areas - Lower belly fat can be one of the hardest places to shed fat, our patented 100% Colombian waist trainers can help you shed that fat by compressing the belly for long periods of time and training you to tighten your core muscles.
3. Enhanced workouts - Working out with our workout fajas will help your body go into a state thermogenesis in which the body heats up and and starts to burn more calories as the body tries to maintain homeostasis, you'll notice and excessive amount of sweat on your stomach area after you remove the belt.
 workout fajas
Better posture - Did you know that most back pain is a result of constant poor posture? When the spine is constantly crunched forward, the back muscles expand and the chest muscles 
tighten. With time, the body becomes accustomed to this position and that's why you might feel back pain when you try to maintain good posture for a long period of time... you body isn't used to it! Wearing the waist trainer will help remind you to maintain straight posture at all times, initially it may feel uncomfortable but with time you'll train your back, spine and core to effortlessly remain straight and thus, alleviate your back pain.
Reduction of headaches - Knowing that the waist trainer can help you maintain good form, it will also prevent excess pressure and constriction on the nerve of the spinal chord, often helping to reduce headaches.
Obtaining the coveted ‘Hour-glass Figure’ - I don't even think I need to explain this one! Our waist trainers are designed to trainer you waist so that you can develop a sexy hourglass figure.
 hour glass figure
Appetite suppression - Sometimes we overeat and we may not even realize it. The waist  trainer will compress your stomach while you eat, so if you eat too much food you'll feel your stomach expanding and that's a signal to stop eating because your stomach is full. This can help with weight loss.
Alleviating menstrual cramps - Do you ever crawl up in a ball or press on your pelvis when you have your period? That's because pressure can sometimes help alleviate menstrual cramps!
Motivation for a healthier lifestyle - Our Fajas de Colombia clients  often report a strong correlation between buying any of our fajas  and starting a healthier lifestyle.
There is far more to waist training than you might first think. If its something you’d like to learn more about, read the following article on how many hours to train daily.

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