How Many Hours to Waist Train Daily

How Many Hours to Waist Train Daily

 How Many Hours to Waist Train Daily

     Besides using the waist trainer as a workout outfit, there are many ways to use the waist trainer. For instance, some people wear it for special events while some use it when they need to look gorgeous,

     Most people that own a waist trainer do ask the number of hours they have to wear it to get the best result.  There is no hard-fast rule to this.  It all depends on the result that you want to achieve. Whether you use your waist trainer every day or once in a while, these tips will help you use it correctly.

What Is Waist Training?

what is waist training

     Let's take some time to explain the concept of waist training before proceeding to the usage tips. For the purpose of this article, waist training refers to the art of wearing a waist trainer every day to enhance a healthy lifestyle.  The daily use of a waist trainer, dieting, and exercise is an effective strategy to slim down the waistline and stay confident.

Although you may wear a waist trainer during your exercise routine, we cannot refer to this as waist training if it is not done consistently.

How to start a waist training routine.
You must start the waist training procedure with the right strategy to help you get accustomed to wearing the new device without stress.  This is because your body needs some time to adapt to the compression feeling of the waist trainer.  It might take some time to adjust completely, it is just like the way to adjust to a new pair of shoes.

The new waist trainer must fit your size perfectly. If the type you are using is equipped with hooks and closure, start with the lower closure in the front of the waist and continue upwards.  An easy way to go about this is to fasten the hooks at the slimmest part of the waist and pull the garment down to fasten the rest.

If the garment fits snugly after securing all the hooks, then it is a perfect fit for you. Although it takes some technique to wear the garment, it does not require you yanking and stretching to put it on.  Applying force before wearing the garment indicates that the size is too small for you. You may damage the waist trainer if you overstretch it.

You must choose the right garment that fits your body size to prevent accidental damage of the waist trainer.  Take accurate measurement of your body and align it with the sizing chart of the garment before placing the order.

Once you have selected the right size, you should wear it for about two hours on the first day.  Your body, especially the trunk region, will need some time to get used to sitting or standing straight while putting on the waist trainer.

After the first day, you will systematically increase the duration of wearing the waist trainer every day. An increment of 1-2 hour daily is appropriate. You can decide to split the duration if you feel you need to take some time off.  Instead of wearing the garment for four hours stretch, you can consider splitting the time frame to two hours in the morning and later in the afternoon. You can decide to take a day off in between.

The schedule below outlines a sample waist training adaptation strategy.


On the first day: 2 hours

On day 2: 4 hours

On day 3: 4 hours split into 2 sessions

On day 4: 6 hours

On day 5: 5 hours split into 2 sessions

On day 6: 7 hours

On day 7: break

On day 8: 6 hours split into 2 sessions

On day 9: 8 hours

On day 10: 4 hours split into 3 sessions

On day 11: 9 hours

On day 12: rest

On day 13: 4 hours

On day 14: 4 hours split into 2 sessions

On day 15: 6 hours

On day 16: 5 hours split into 2 sessions

On day 17: 7 hours

On day 18: 8 hours

On day 19: 9 hours

On day 20: 10 hours

On day 21: 11 hours

If you follow the schedule outlined above, you will be able to wear the waist trainer comfortably all through the day after three weeks. Wearing the garment for about 12 hours a day is good, it allows your body enough rest. This way, your waist trainer will be able to regain its shape.

Besides the consistent use of the waist trainer, we recommend that you add a balanced fitness training to your daily schedule.  The exercise routine will help you burn excess body fat and make you active. You can take a cue from our waist training workout plan to inspire you to get started with your exercise.

After about three weeks, you should feel comfortable with wearing a waist trainer for at least eight hours on most days. You can choose to wear it for a maximum of 12 hours so that your body has time to rest, and your waist trainer can retain its shape.

How to use a Latex Waist Cincher Hook and Eye Corset for Waist Training

     Many people prefer to use a cincher style band that is equipped with a hook and eye closure. LT.Rose 1042 Colombian Latex Waist Cincher Hook and Eye

     The corset can bring a dramatic change to your waistline within a short time. It is also an excellent option when you feel you need an outfit with more pressure after getting used to the cincher over time.  The Corsets is adjustable, they can be fastened to bring a customized pressure after wearing them. Because these are latex-free, they are excellent for those who are sensitive to latex.

Take the time perfect how to season the corset before changing to it. This type of garment will require more time to acclimatize and mold into your figure when compared to the latex cincher The garment can get deformed when you tighten the corset too quickly.

The strategy for seasoning the corset demands that you wear it such that it fits loosely for an hour or two, every day.  You should adjust the laces to make the garment firm on your body, but with less compression.  If you continue this way for about two weeks, the garment will mould to your figure. After that, you can now increase the compression by fastening the laces fully. This garment can reduce several inches off your figure within a short time.

After the garment is well seasoned, its time to put it to work in your daily waist training regimen. The technique is similar to the acclimatization strategy outlined for the latex cincher. Increase the wearing time every day until you get used to wearing it for 8-12 hours daily.

Using the waist trainer for workouts.
There are some waist trainers that are optimized for workouts by design. Although we recommend adding a waist trainer exercise regimen to your waist training schedule, these types of waist trainers exclusively for exercise sessions. They are not designed for wearing throughout the day. Moreover, the sweat on the work out waist trainer will make it uncomfortable to wear throughout the day.

So, we recommend using a work out waist trainer for your exercise and using another waist trainer for the rest of the day. Moreover, the work out time could be regarded as part of your daily waist trainer wearing time.

For instance, you can wear the work out trainer for an hour in the morning while engaging in your daily exercise routine.  After that, take a shower and change to your everyday waist trainer of the steel-boned corset for the rest of the day.  After the working day, simply take off the waist trainer and relax. This time will also allow it to regain its shape overnight.

You may also choose to use the waist trainer during your exercise regimen only. After that dress without using the waist trainer garment for the rest of the day.

Using the waist trainer for special occasions.
Those who reserve the waist trainer for special occasions such as wedding should take the time to prepare the garment before the day of the event. We recommend that you put on the waist trainer for some few hours every day, for to weeks before the event date.

Although it is not compulsory to wear the waist trainer daily before the event,  it is essential to enhance your comfort on the big day.  Another advantage is that wearing the waist trainer before the event is that it helps you skim down before the day of the event.  This is why some bride and their bridal train practice waist training for before events.

One tip that we advise, is that to wear a thin undershirt under your faja waist trainer, that way this will absorb the grime and sweat away from your body as well as your faja, so you wouldn't have to wash your faja that frequently.

Did this article address all your questions about the waist trainer?  Our team of experts will be happy to help if you have other questions. Leave a commend below.

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