Our Top 2 post-operative girdles to recover the figure quickly after caesarean section

Our Top 2 post-operative girdles to recover the figure quickly after caesarean section

MyFajasColombianas top 2 Ideal garments to help you with your recovery process.

     After going through a pregnancy; The body requires time to return to its natural state. That is where it is important to use a good girdle to help speed up this process. You will be needing a high quality fajas colombianas postparto.  They are comfortable garments, with supports in strategic and versatile places that help you stylize the figure after a caesarean section or natural birth. To do this, we present several effective options that you can use to speed up the recovery process and make you feel comfortable no matter what clothes you wear.


Fajas Colombianas MYD 0083 Mid Thigh Bodysuit Body Shaper for Women

postpartum girdle

This girdle provides complete compression in arms, legs, back, abdomen. It also lifts the buttocks and helps correct posture. It comes with hook closure with a double line.

In addition, its double tissue allows greater pressure for a rapid recovery from a delivery or caesarean section. Without neglecting that its design guarantees high levels of comfort and shapes the body.


Fajas MYD 0047 Strapless Mid Thigh Body Shaper for Women

post partum myd 0047 body shaper

This full compression girdle is designed with a cotton lining to facilitate movement and generate greater comfort. It has a closure that is not marked under clothing.

It is perfect for you to use daily or after a surgical process, as it helps in recovery. It also works to lift the buttocks, control the thighs and correct the posture.

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