What type of sports belt do I need for my exercise routine?

What type of sports belt do I need for my exercise routine?

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When you start an exercise routine, it is common to suffer from an injury because you are barely knowing how it is. The sports belts provide enough support that an athlete needs to perform their entire routine without suffering any kind of lesson, despite being a person already experienced in the world of sports. If this support can provide a connoisseur of the exercise, it can give a grip to whoever is about to start their routine in the gym or with weights at home.

An important detail that should be considered is that regardless of the level of knowledge they have in the world of exercise and sports, if the body is going to be exercised with large weights or machinery, it is best to have a sports belt, in this way they can avoid tears or hernias derived from the poor performance of the force when performing an exercise.

To perform the exercises, there are many different designs of belts that adapt to the sport or activity to be performed, so it is important to know what the variations are to ensure that the most appropriate option is chosen.
Back posture corrective girdle

The posture corrective girdles are sports girdles that fit on the shoulders and have support on the back, when the braces are held, the back is held up and the posture improves. This type of girdles allow you to perform exercises such as squats, push ups and abs without forcing your back during the activity.
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These girdles surround the waist and part of the hip are of a protective strip to maintain more pressure in the abdomen. They are usually worn under clothing, but are also designed to be placed on top of it. Your job is to maintain enough pressure while doing cardio exercises that increase sweating in the abdomen, to burn calories faster.

They are similar to the previous ones with the difference that they have an inner base that surrounds the abdomen, which is then hugged with strips that allow the compression to be more tight. They are somewhat similar to some postpartum girdles, but have a more colorful design for when worn over clothing. Its function is similar to the Canotagio, but with the difference that it has better grip and pressure.

They are known to be very aesthetic and cover a large part of the body. They have strips that are attached to the shoulders and hold the buttocks to give them contour while the exercise is performed, they also lift the bust so that it remains secured. This type of girdle is also often used in everyday activities since it is not necessarily sports, but it does have a lot of potential for back, buttocks, abdomen and chest.
Reducing belts

These belts are known for the compression they perform on the body that causes sweating and with this the gradual reduction of waist and hip size. Although better results are obtained with these belts while performing an exercise routine, it is also possible to use them daily to reduce sizes with daily activities. Of these belts are also the corset reducers that are not considered sports.

Salome are very elastic bands similar to Diane & Geordi, the difference between them is that Salome covers the waist and hips, while the Diane & Geordi only works on the part of the waist. For women who want to reduce their hip because it is a part very deformed with the use of tight pants, it is more productive to use one of these belts since it will gradually decrease the amount of waist and hip equally.

Shaping girdles

The shaping bands are not exactly sporty, but they help a lot in reducing sizes with daily activities that involve physical effort. They do not reduce in the same way as the reduction girdles, but they correct the firmness of the body, which is usually more useful for women who already have their size, but their figure is not toned. As with other types of exercise, it is necessary to perform a toning routine to get the results sooner.

Knowing the types of sports belts, allows you to work the body from the area where you most want to get results. In colombia  we have different designs of girdles for men and women that can adapt to your body and help them work the parts of the body that are usually more important for those who perform disciplined abdomen, hip and buttock exercises. As with the daily use belts, it should be remembered that they should not be used more than eight hours and rest one day a week of exercise and use of the belt, which can be accommodated on different days.

It is important to emphasize that the work of the belt will not be developed if exercises are not carried out continuously. Although the girdles have the capacity to reduce sizes, the change is not constant and very limited if the body is not used to perform an appropriate exercise routine and if healthy foods are not consumed in a moderate way. But as soon as the body gets used to the routine, the new way of feeding and bringing the belt, the goals will be fulfilled in less time. You can find more designs at our strip office in Colombia or in our online store.

To learn more about our products you can access our website where we have a wide variety of belts for men and women that help them feel more comfortable with themselves. Also in our blog section we share news about the use of girdles, how they can help you and which one is the most appropriate to achieve your goal.

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