What is the best colombian shapewear for all body types

What is the best colombian shapewear for all body types

     Girdles are a girl's best friends! They can be the perfect partner in crime whenever you need to enhance your silhouette and make your assets pop. The thing is, there are so many types that we understand it may not be easy to know which one would fit you. Do you want to know how to choose your ideal colombian shapewear match? Then, keep reading!

What is the best Colombian shapewear for all body types?

Assuming that you are simply beginning to wear pressure pieces of clothing, this is the ideal support to assist you with having a solid sense of reassurance and one of our inventory's fave.
The best Colombian Shapewear, does it exist?
Our Colombian Girdle Diane and Geordi 2396 is a decent choice.

The subtleties that make shapewear ideal are a large number. The Colombian Girdle Diane and Geordi 2396 is exceptionally near having them all. Working incredibly with all body types, it tends to be utilized for your day by day everyday practice as well as for post-medical procedure or post pregnancy purposes.

Look at our suggestions on the best way to pick the right shapewear for you.

It is a Colombian support made of Powernet with high pressure. In the wake of investigating many encounters, we can tell you in this post the most striking elements that make it ideal to have in your storeroom.


Shapewear for all body types.

 This molding support's plan and its inclusion make it a flexible article of clothing that addresses the issues of ladies with a wide range of shapes.

Assuming you have a rearranged triangle-type body, this shaper will conceal cushy layers on the back and control the underarm where irritating bracing rolls will more often than not come out.

Its significant level pressure in the middle is ideally suited for a rectangular body shape since it forms and emphasizes the midsection. Bends will be featured quickly, and it will be taken note!

Its belly control smooths and relax the midsection, keeping everything set up for apple body types.

The Diane and Geordi 2396 support makes a mind boggling showing for hourglass and pear body types complementing their bends.

The space in the butt texture is sufficient, and the regular lifting impact appears to be practically mysterious. This strength makes it perhaps the best support to shape the figure.

Don't you detest when your support rolls up in your legs? All things considered, its silicone ribbon groups on the thighs keep moving from occurring. Ladies who use it manifest that the control around the area is unadulterated flawlessness. Not excessively close nor excessively free.


The perfect anatomy of a girdle.

Colombian Shapewear for Women
 *The straps are movable and removable. You can utilize more extensive, with a particular tone, or imperceptible ones for a superior coordinate with your outfits.

Expert tip: Try to wear your bra over or under your support to discover which is the most agreeable way for you.

   * A level front zipper with an internal snare conclusion that goes unnoticeable under dress.

Master tip: When you begin to place it on, affix the snares and raise the conclusion simultaneously in equal.

   * Covers your underarms offering help and security between the shoulders and back. It's truly astonishing the way in which it camouflages this disturbed region.

   * On the groin, it has an open gusset plan to give more prominent solace during your day by day everyday practice, so you don't need to take it off each time you really want to go to the washroom.

Expert tip: Don't fear utilizing a pipe to pee when confronting hardships the main times around. You will become acclimated to it!


Top 5 Benefits of the Diane and Geordi 2396 girdle:

   1. Characterizes the abdomen well overall and permits relaxing.
   2. Butt-lifting with a characteristic impact that compliments your own much more.
  3. Controls back and underarm rolls, on account of its inclusion and plan.
    4.Offers all-over help and solace.
   5. Adaptability for all body types.
    You can wear it for quite a long time (post-careful, post pregnancy, or day by day use).

Key steps to choose the perfect size of your girdle:

  • Always be guided by the size chart according to each brand. You will see them just below the product in our online store.
  • The most effective way to select your size is by taking your measurements, especially your waist and hips.
  • Always be guided by your largest measurement. For first-time users, if you are between two sizes, we recommend you choose the largest one.
  • Use our size calculator or contact customer service for more advice. Do not hesitate to ask us your questions.


Pro tip: Follow the steps to put the girdle on correctly. Remember that compression garments look smaller than they are, but they can stretch enough. It can be hard the first time, but be patient and ask for help if you need it.


The Diane and Geordi 2396 is one of the best Colombian reducing and shaping girdles. We want to hear from you! Tell us your experience if you have used it or are considering using one. Sharing is the best way of receiving.

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