What is Powernet?

What is Powernet?

Girdles are made of several fabrics, and Powernet is the most popular one, so if you want to be a great seller you need to know about it.

The powernet is an elastic fabric, created from a mixture of elastane and polyamide. This material stands out due to its fantastic ability to adapt to the body.

Powernet is considered a high compression fabric with great hold that provides freedom to move and more compression than lycra garments.

It is a rough and cool fabric that is able to adapt to the body and prevents sweating and bad odors. Despite this, being in direct contact with the skin can cause irritations, so it’s usually covered with other fabrics  like nylon or cotton.

Ideal post surgery fabric:

The Powernet is an ideal material for post-surgical use, thanks to the compression provided without discomfort. It also helps the correct blood circulation and liquid drainage.

Benefits of Powernet girdles:

    1. Excellent adjustment
    2. High resistance and body control
    3. They allow body transpiration, eliminating toxins and refreshing the skin.

How to take care for this material

This is a high-quality fabric with a long useful life. However some cares can help your Powernet girdle last much longer. 

    1. Avoid wearing accessories or rings near the body shaper when you're putting it on because you can damage the garment’s integrity.
    2. Always wash your girdle by hand, as the washing machine can damage the fibers.
    3. Avoid washing the girdle with hot water since it can affect the fabric.
    4. Do not soak. 
    5. Do not use bleach.
    6. Do not iron or squeeze.

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