What are the main benefits of using the girdle after delivery?

What are the main benefits of using the girdle after delivery?

What are the main benefits of using the girdle after delivery?


     There is always talk of depression women suffer after childbirth and the sadness of seeing their disfigured abdomen. But little is said about the benefits that pregnancy girdles offer in the long term after they have been used for a certain period between 6 months after delivery or the whole year. Although it is only visible on the outside that the abdomen has regained somewhat of its firmness, it is important to detail what other benefits are obtained from deciding to use the girdle after pregnancy.

     Many of these changes are not usually visible to the naked eye because they happen inside our body and others take many years to denote. So that is why it is common for women to think that nothing is obtained from the use of postpartum girdles or that it is only about having a flat stomach again. To clarify this, we will discuss the changes that are usually more relevant in the health and beauty of young mothers.

Accommodate the organs again

     As the baby grows in the course of pregnancy, it needs more space than it has in the uterus, so that the body is prepared to accommodate gradually so that the uterus has more space for life inside it . This is one of the reasons why women usually have colic, stomach acid and constipation, because organisms do not work in the same way as always.

     When mothers give birth to their children, the organs settle into their old space, but this time, rashly, which does not give them the opportunity to do it properly. The post-operative girdles provide the opportunity for this accommodation to be gradual as at the beginning and without causing the mother any greater inconvenience. The girdles are vitally important not to gain weight aggressively since the intestines and stomach still do not work regularly.
Improves mothers posture

     With pregnancy, the mother begins to shed much of her weight on her back, causing her to arch inward, a movement that causes enough backaches in pregnant women. Using the pregnancy girdles allows them to correct their posture so that they can sit comfortably without hurting their back and without having their stomach aches. Repairing the posture is a process that takes a long time before the mothers feel relief again, that is why the constant use of the girdle is important until their posture improves.

Provides more rest at night

     With newborns, moms have many responsibilities throughout the day, which causes them to be weaker and reduce their rest and rest time. This is one of the most pertinent reasons why you need to have a girdle, and it is because by gradually adjusting your posture there is a greater chance that mothers will be able to rest at night.

Help the uterus to return to its size

     The uterus is the organ that suffers most from changes when women are pregnant, and like the other organs it has the possibility of returning to its size of its own accord. But the use of a girdle at this stage reduces the waiting time in which the uterus is accommodated again while reducing the stomach pains that women suffer during this process.

For women who have just gone through a C-section, this stage is even more complicated because much of the pain accumulates in their scar. Pregnancy girdles support mothers at this stage so that they can slowly return to their old activities.

Prevents bone pain

     Many years after women went through their respective stage of pregnancy, the well-known bone pains arise when it starts to get cold. During pregnancy the amount of calcium in your body is taken as nutrients for the baby that grows inside.

     After delivery he begins to recover it from the food he consumes; But much of the weakening of the bones occurs in postpartum when mothers are breastfeeding their babies. The use of the girdle at this stage helps prevent these pains because it provides much of the support that the mother needs to not weaken. It is not proven that, even using the girdle, do not go through these bone pains, but it does help prevent them, especially in the part of sciatica that is the part that most protects the girdle.
Avoid weakening the abdomen

     This is the best known benefit for women who have just gone through a pregnancy, but it is important to emphasize it, since, with the help of pregnancy bands, a balanced diet and regular exercise, in less than two years the belly can have the same firmness as before pregnancy.

     Knowing the advantages and benefits of girdles for women who want to look good, who have just gone through childbirth, who want to lose weight or improve their posture are important, knowing the benefits is easier to choose which is the most appropriate belt for your situation. It is also necessary to find out about the benefits that it has directly on health, since there is a lot of uncertainty about the benefits and for lack of information women prefer not to use them.

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