Topaz, A Beautiful Stone

Topaz, A Beautiful Stone
colombian topaz
Topaz is one of several kinds of precious stones that are used in jewelry, it is very popular since they can be found in different sizes, shapes and colors, among the types of colors that we can find present in these, perhaps the rarest are pink and red, cataloged as the most desired on the market, but can also be found in different shades such as brown, yellow, orange and blue, the latter being the most easily found, gaining popularity among the people for being its low and moderate price.

Topaz formed its fame from the time of the Egyptians back then people believed that they had a wealth of spiritual and healing powers such as making the mind stronger, healing, in love, to delay aging, depression, stress.

For the Romans its use was different, in certain aspects they used the supernatural power that the jewel gave to increase their strength, alerted them in the presence of poisoned food, and was used to cure hemorrhages, insomnia and asthma. One of the most famous topazes in the world is the one currently found in the Portuguese Crown, which in the first instance was considered by experts as a diamond

Thanks to its variability it is a precious stone such as colombian emeralds that adapts to a large number of jewels such as rings, necklaces and earrings, among others. One of the largest producers of this stone is Brazil, followed by Pakistan and Russia.

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