Postpartum Benefits To Waist Training

Are you an expecting mom? Did you recently give birth?
benefits of waist training
You might be wondering whether or not waist training is safe for you!
I need to start out by saying that I am not a doctor and cannot give you any medical advice. I strongly encourage you to get approval from your doctor before starting your waist training journey.
The thing about waist training is that we don't have any "facts". There aren't studies done that prove this or that, so we can only base our claims on results.
Based on the results from thousands of our My Fajas Colombianas waist trainers sold and the positive results feedback, I've been able to observe how the waist trainers perform with sensitive postpartum tummies.
Did you know that a large portion of our clients are new moms?!
Here's what I've observed based on reviews from our customers:
  • Waist training DOES help with LOOSE SKIN! I shouldn't be making a claim like that but I've seen so many women achieve dramatic skin elasticity improvements while waist training. Some women were on the verge of going under the knife to get a tummy tuck and waist training was their last resort and they no longer feel the need to get plastic surgery.

  • Waist training absolutely has a positive effect on closing diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles)Many of our Fajas reductoras customers claim that exercises helped but they noticed faster improvements with the closing their 2", 3" and sometimes 4" gap with the waist trainer. This is because the trainer pulls those stomach muscles together and holds them there all day long! Without the trainer the stomach muscles are loose and remain in the separated position, unsupported and not engaged throughout the day.

  • The Faja traditional waist trainer and the fitness belt are the most comfortable products to wear postpartum. The traditional trainer is very flexible and comfortable and can be concealed under clothing. The fitness belt is latex-free and a great option for people with an allergy to latex.

  • Waist training does not help with stretch marks. The appearance of stretch marks lessen as people lose weight. It may appear as though the waist trainer is to thank for this but it is simply because the client is losing weight and the skin is tightening day by day.

  • Waist training helps provide back pain relief. Once those babies are past the 6 month mark they can get heavy to carry around all day long! That extra weight can cause low back pain. Waist training helps support the vertical alignment of the spine and many dolls record improvements to back pain whilst wearing the trainer postpatrum.

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