How to Look Thinner Using Fashion

How to Look Thinner Using Fashion


A healthy diet and exercise routine are the key to weight loss, but knowing this, style tricks that make us look thinner are always welcome making good use of the clothes we choose. It is that fashion plays a fundamental role in our appearance and in the features of our body that we want to highlight or disguise.

The clothes we wear can have a great effect on the way we look, so here we leave you 12 tips that really worked and that will make you look thinner!

1. Invest in girdles.

Perhaps you are tired of hearing about girdles or other similar pieces that promise to get you off a few kilos, but the truth is that they really work. In its essence, the choice of the right modeling piece works as a means to help distribute better and soften the features of the silhouette.

To see you thinner, it is worth choosing the complete pieces, those that come with shorts and then go up to the abdomen, or they can also be full-bodied. Find one that suits the garment you are going to wear.



2. Learn about length and fit.

If you want to look thinner it is important that you are aware of using the appropriate measures and volumes. This means that for example, you should forget about capri pants, khakis, long shorts or pants under the knees. Instead, opt for dark jeans that have a little elasticity and reach just your ankles or a couple of centimeters below. This will move your figure, especially if you combine them with heels, ankle boots or pointed flat shoes. Up, try long shirts, blazers, or sweaters that aren't too oversized.

For skirts, a pencil skirt to the knees is a universally flattering cut. For an extra boost and look even thinner, combine them with dark and opaque tights during winter, which make your legs look automatically longer and thinner.

It is crucial that all the clothes in your closet are perfect and tailored. For example, when it comes to blazers and jackets, make sure that the shoulder seams fit perfectly with your body and that the length of the sleeves is exactly up to your wrists.



3. Choose shoes with heels that have the instep lowered.

This is a little trick that can change the way you choose the shoes you buy: Shoes with a low instep lengthen and instantly thin your legs when you are wearing skirts, dresses and even shorts. What do you mean? It is the part of the shoe that crosses the front area of ​​the foot. Therefore, a low instep is the one that covers just above the fingers, while a long one is the one that goes up and can even reach the ankles. If you are able to find ones that match the color of your skin, it is so much better to give an extra illusion of thin legs.

And speaking of shoes, the heels lift the body and make the clothes have a better fall, which also gives a more delegated appearance. Look for tacos that are thin and end in a point, and avoid those with a square tip that make the ankles look thicker giving the appearance of shorter, more bulky legs.



4. Wear completely black looks.

Using a color to enhance the illusion of looking thinner is an old trick and for a good reason: It helps create a long vertical line. While the use of a totally black look is more effective and is an option that always looks chic, other colors such as dark blue and dark red or green also work well. The trick for a monochrome look: Keep each silhouette tailored and stay away from light colors like beige.



6. Do not discard maxi skirts.

It is a common myth in fashion that women with curves cannot wear skirts or maxi dresses, because fortunately it is proven to be false. In fact, a long skirt with a good cut can give a thinner appearance.

Choose solid versions that stick to your figure which will create a long vertical line (avoid anything with folds, bulging pockets, thick belts or too many layers). Combine it with a shirt tucked inside, a tight leather jacket or a blouse of good cut and dark color. Also make sure that the length of the skirt is not more than you can walk without tripping over and wear it with high heels, never with flat shoes!



7. Say yes to high-rise jeans.

The high shots have not earned the best reputation, but the truth is that when used correctly, they can fool the eye and perceive a thinner and elongated body. The best stylizing garment you can choose is a tight-cut jean that reaches the ankle and has a little spandex to give them stretch and movement.

Be sure to show the high shot making it visible by putting your top inside the waistband.



8. Use vertical lines.

Another ancient trick to lengthen and stylize the figure are the vertical lines, which create the illusion of a longer and thinner figure. And speaking of lines, there is that typical popular belief that horizontal lines have the opposite effect and make them look wider. Pants, a blouse or a blazer with vertical lines will do the trick.



9. Try using skinny dresses

To look thinner, dresses and tunics tied with a thin belt help define the natural silhouette in the most flattering way possible. A thick belt on the other hand, can hide half of your waist, which makes you look wider.



10. Hide the problem areas with dark colors and highlight your attributes with light colors.

If you don't want to wear a black monochrome look, then just try to mask the problem areas with that color. You don't love your legs but you love your upper part? Then wear a pair of tight black jeans or a skirt and combine it with a brightly colored blouse.

To hide the wide arms, the central parts of the body or the hips, choose a tailored black jacket, a silk shirt or a tight black sweater and wear them with patterned pants, colored jeans or a striking skirt to wear your legs.


11. Buy a new bra.

Did you know that more than 80% of women wear bras of the wrong size? It is true and it can make you look bigger due to the appreciation of a fallen bust. When there is adequate space between the waist and the bust, you look thinner. The solution? Go to a lingerie store and ask for the help of a professional to find out the size that really corresponds to you and also learn to measure what you already have in your home.



12. Get a tan.

A subtle glow can make a world of difference when you try to look thinner. A light self-tanning spray can make your legs, arms, shoulders and neck look thinner. Also, apply some tanning powder on your cheeks, forehead and sides of the nose to create the same effect on your face.

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