How to choose the perfect Colombian shapewear?

How to choose the right Colombian shapewear?

How to choose the perfect Colombian shapewear?

     The use of Colombian body shapers also known as 'fajas' goes way beyond a trendy craze, or an extravagant fashion indulgence. They are actually useful accessories valuable for people who are recovering from surgery, or for any woman to flaunt her feminine shape.  Once you know the reason for using a body shaper made from Colombia. It will be easy to choose the one that suits your objectives.
Studies have shown that most American women use Colombian body shaper for recovering from surgery while the Latinos mainly use it to sculpt their body. Why do you want to use a Faja Colombiana body shaper?
Although shapewear is a great product for post-surgery recovery; I use it to shape and stylize my body. In either case, it is advisable to follow the doctor’s advice to get the best results. Experts classified girdles into two categories according to their uses. These are the post-surgical girdles and the aesthetics girdles.

Post Surgical Girdle

     The primary purpose of a post-surgical girdle is that it serves as a compression garment that helps women recover from post-surgical procedures such as birth surgery.  The use of this type of girdle depends on the type of surgical procedure and most importantly, recommendation by the doctor. In any case, here are the important features that an excellent postsurgical shapewear should have.

Getting a compression garment to recover after birth or surgery is the main reason women buy post-surgical shapewear. These type of shapewear should have the following features:

  • The zipper should be at the front.
  • The open gusset must be wide enough to ease yourself comfortably.
  • If it is designed is full-coverage, it should have three compression lines at the back.
  • The inner lining of the shapewear should be made with hypoallergenic fabric

Post-surgical shapewear also known as Fajas Postquirurgicas is designed in such a way that it takes care of the specific area you need to cover such as the waist, chin, arm, legs, etc. The high compression post-surgical shapewear is usually recommended for post-surgery recovery while the low or medium compression postpartum shapewear is excellent after birth.

Here are the benefits that you get from using post-surgical girdles.
Gives comfort and allow you to move freely and carry our daily activities without hassles.

  • Enhances your blood circulation.
  • Prevents bruises locations of the surgery.
  • Helps you heal up quickly.
  • Speeds up the post-surgery recovery process.
  • Mitigates the risk of swelling.
  • It eliminates surgery scars from the skin.
  • It is unnoticeable under any type of opaque outfit.


That being said, lets get one with my recommendations:

If you are recovering from a breast surgical procedure, we recommend MYD CH0004 compression wear. It has excellent features that will aid your recovery process.

The features of MYD CH0004 compression wear include:

  • The texture is soft and has excellent support for bras.
  • It is an excellent compression wear for post-liposuction surgical procedure because it supports the right body posture and has good body coverage.
  • It mitigates swelling because it has a firm grip on the body.
  • The elastic fabric allows free movement, which improves your blood circulation.
  • The adjustable 4-level compression allows you to adjust the firmness to your comfort.

It is essential to note that the recovery procedure can span from 2-8 weeks. Even after the recovery process, you can still use the posr0surgery body girdle as a conventional body shaper.

If you prefer to use a post-surgical girdle that has higher compression, then Salome 0214 will be perfect for you. It has three compression levels at the back. This feature allows you to shape your body while recovering from an aesthetic surgical procedure.

Here are the features of Salome 0214 that helps you get your body into shape in record time.

  • It adjusts perfectly to your body.
  • It is made of Powernet.
  • The hyperallergic cotton lining inner lining prevents rashes.
  • It has open burst design and removable straps making it unnoticeable.
  • Perfect for everyday activities.
  • Its short size allows you to wear it under a short skirt!

Is your EDD approaching fast?
If you are a few weeks away from becoming a mom, its time to get prepared for your baby and yourself. Diane & Geordi DJ08L4 is a perfect choice for your post-delivery shapewear due to the following feature:


  • It is equipped with snap closure and supports bra. It allows you to breastfeed your baby easily.
  • It has a short design and silicone bands at the tight, which allows the girdle to stay in place.
  • The wide straps provide the support that helps you maintain a straight posture

Girdles Designed for Aesthetic

If you want to look fabulous, then the aesthetic girdle is what you should get. There are various types of girdles designed to sculpt different parts of your body. So the choice of your aesthetic girdle will depend on the area of your body you want to shape.

Because the body shape of every woman is different, there are many selections of girdles that suit the different body shapes. They are designed to help you highlight various parts of your body so you can look gorgeous.

So what are the features you should look out for in an aesthetic girdle?

  1. It should be made with Powernet and cotton.
  2. Should have an adjustment for low, medium, and high compression.
  3. Should have either one or more hook, eye closure compression levels of a zipper closure.

The benefits of aesthetic shapewear include:

  1. It is comfortable and allows you to move freely.
  2. Cannot be noticed under any outfit.
  3. It reduces your bulk visually.
  4. Brings out the gorgeous look in you.
  5. It brings out your natural curves.
  6. Improves your posture.

If your goal is to slim down your waistline, then you should go for waist cinchers.  It can help you sculpt a stunning hourglass shape. The Salome 0216 is perfect for this purpose, it helps reduce your tummy size to highlight your curves and improves your body posture.

salome 0216

If your goal is to highlight your rear side, the Diane & Geordi 2396 shapewear

will help you achieve your goal.

Diane & Geordi 2396 Women's Strapless Butt Lifter Shapewear

The features of the Diane & Geordi 2396 shapewear include:

  • It doesn’t show under the garment you wear.
  • It has removable straps.
  • It is comfortable to wear for any occasion.
  • It flattens your tummy and improves the shape of your hip and butt.
  • Silicone bands at the tight keep the girdle in place.


What is the best size for you?

Generally, we recommend that you choose a size above what you presently use. For instance, if you use M, you should choose an L-sized body shaper. You will get used to the compression that these garments provide. When your body size starts to reduce, you can choose another size accordingly.
Besides comfort, it is also the safest way to use shapewear.  You can use this calculator to find the right size for you. Are you about to choose shapewear? We can help you choose the shapewear that is perfect for you. Contact us today, we are always ready to help!

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