How to lose inches on your waistline with a Colombian waist trainer -lose 4 inches in 4 weeks!

How to lose inches on your waistline with a Colombian waist trainer -lose 4 inches in 4 weeks!

lose inches

Do you want to lose a couple of inches in your waistline? You should be wondering how long it will take to achieve the results that you want with waist training.

    Well, the fact is that it all depends on the efforts you are willing to put in.

If you follow the instructions carefully, you should be losing about four inches within four weeks. However, there is a demand for concerted efforts on your part.
     My Fajas Columbianas will help you shed inches off your waistline. It works on its own without the need to do anything else.  However, when you add other methods like waist training exercises and dieting, you will get amazing results.

     Other factors that come to play include your metabolism, your physiology, and genetic makeup. But these only have minor influences on the results you get with waist training.  Your determination to follow through is the most essential aspect the defines the result you get, and how fast you achieve it.

However, you have the bear in mind that results vary with different people.  Even at that, most women will experience rapid results. On average, most women shed 1-2” within two weeks of using the waist trainer. And after one month of training, most women will lose up to 4” and change the size of their wares.

     On the other hand, your experience may differ from what most women experience. So, bear in mind that weight loss is a personal journey and the way and rate that the shape of every woman changes will differ. Your results may come quickly or might take a longer time.  Don’t get discouraged, you should let your body work at its own pace.
     Slimming down your waistline is like weight loss, shedding the last 10 pounds target is the most difficult. In the same vein, the last 1-2” on the waistline might prove stubborn, but you should not give up.

Below are four factors that affect the results you get.

Change your Lifestyle

change your lifestyle
To be honest, you may not be able to get good results if you are a snack freak that consumes buggers and high-calorie treats every day. You will need to change your lifestyle if you want to achieve a decent result.  The best approach to using this girdle is to also have an exercise regimen and healthy diet.

     The body shaper uses the principle called thermogenic. It means that it stores perspiration around the waist region. Therefore, living an active lifestyle will increase the efficacy of the procedure. So, what are the things that can motivate you to change your lifestyle?

Using shapewear inspires you to live a healthier lifestyle so you can achieve your fitness goals.
You can choose to reduce the amount of food you take or choose your diet carefully.
A trainer can also motivate you to achieve the results you want.
You will be motivated when you visualize looking at yourself in the mirror with your slim waist.
The shapewear will improve your posture, make you feel smart, so you become more active.

Make a Commitment

The best way to achieve your goal is to create a strategic plan and be ready to follow through. There is no point buying a waist trainer and not using it consistently.  It's like registering in a gym and not showing up for training sessions. So, the bottom line is that if you are committed to using your waist trainer, you will achieve excellent results.  These strategies will help you get committed.
Put your waist trainer beside your makeup kit or underwear.
Wear your waist trainer every time you head for the gym.
Wear it every time you exercise.

Eat Healthy Diet

eat healthy
The adage that says that “you are what you eat” is perfectly true when it comes to the relationship between your body shape and your diet. Bear in mind that you cannot achieve great results when you consistently ear junk food. Although waist training will inspire you to embrace healthy habits, there is a need for you to decide to do away with junk foods. Eat a healthy diet, and you will see excellent results from your waist training efforts. 

Your Genetic Makeup

genetic makeup
     Some women have a dynamic metabolism that allows them to burn carbs easily. While the genetic makeup of other women makes it difficult for them to shed weight.

     For instance, I personally have a bulky build; before I started going to the gym, I had the frame of a bodybuilder with my large shoulders and wide back. But in spite of my weakness, I was able to achieve my goals with determination. 

     So, stop making excuses if you want to get your dream body shape.  Although some people have great genetics that let them lose weight with minimal efforts, you can achieve the same results as well.
Below are some of the genetic factors that influence your body shape.

The Type of Body Fat

body fat
The amount of fat and the way it is distributed in the body is important. There is visceral fat, which is usually deposited between organs and under the muscles of the abdomen. Subcutaneous fats are located above the muscles and under the skin layer.

     So, the location of fat in your body determines how fast you will lose them. Visceral fats are usually harder to shed compared to subcutaneous fat.
Bear in mind that the results that will last long will not come overnight. The waist trainer does an excellent job of shaping your body. Besides, the fabrics are non-invasive.  If you use them consistently, you will achieve the results you want.

The Muscle Tone

muscle tone
The density of muscles is higher than that of fatty tissues. As a result, it will take a longer time for the waist trainer to tone down muscles.  So, if you have large muscles in your abdominal region, you will need to put some extra effort.  Sor instance, you can do waist training exercise while wearing the waist trainer. This type of exercise can help change the shape of the muscles to create the contour you want in your waistline.  This is possible because exercise stretches the tendons and ligaments, and the waist trainer creates the curves.

Age and bone/ skeleton structure.
When people grow older, their bones less dense and less likely to change their shape. But the bones of younger people can easily change its shape because they are still growing. But this factor is not critical when it comes to waist training because the effect of the latex waist trainer does not reach the bones. However, if you have a massive bone frame, it may be an issue. But most ladies do not have abnormal bone formation, so you have nothing to worry about.

Your Water Retention

water retention
The results that you get from your waist training efforts is also influenced by the way your body retains water. It is easy to lose and mold water weight. When you use the waist trainer, your body loses water weight when you perspire. A person that has a large amount of water weight will get rid of it quickly by using the waist trainer. If you add exercise routine and use the waist trainer, you will get fast result.

Pregnancy-related physiological changes
Many women believe that it is almost impossible to lose belly fat because they had been pregnant before. However, it is actually easy for someone that has a baby to lose belly fat. This type of fat is sustained by the baby in the womb. Since the extra weight is no more useful after the pregnancy is over, the fat can be expelled easily.  When you have a baby, your tendons and ligament stretch and your muscles and other body tissues become more elastic. These changes are required to make room for the baby as it grows. In essence, waist training becomes easier because the tissues are already toned to be malleable. So, you can reduce your waistline, even after having a baby.
I have taken the time to analyze all the factors that can affect your goals to develop an awesome waistline.  I want to prove that you can achieve your goals only if you are determined to press forward. I have seen many ladies of different size change their body shape through waist training. You can achieve the hourglass figure that you want. So, do not allow baseless myths to stop you from achieving your goals. The results that you are going to get largely depends on you.
     I have explained the efficiency of the waist trainer and how to make it work for you. Adjust your lifestyle to by becoming more active, do routine exercise, and eat a healthy diet to get the best results from your waist trainer. I cannot predict a timeline for shedding the inches you want from your waistline. But if you use it consistently, you will get a fast result.

     When you have toned down to the size and shape that you want, you can stop using it daily. For instance, I only wear my waist trainer for about five hours, three times a week because I have achieved my dream shape. I used to wear for eight hours, every day while I was trying to sculpt my shape.  However, bear in mind that you cannot maintain your shape if you stop waist training altogether. Wearing the waist trainer two times a week will help you maintain your shape.

     It is typical for most women to get the result they want within the first month. That is why we often advise that people buy two waist trainers at a time, so they can continue training with the new size when the time comes.

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