Girdles after cosmetic surgery: a sure step towards recovery

Girdles after cosmetic surgery: a sure step towards recovery

3 keys to recover the figure quickly after delivery

     When going through a post-surgical process, whether you have undergone liposuction, a mommy makeover or a tummy tuck, you need to keep in mind the tools that could be useful to accelerate your recovery, reduce inflammation and see results more quickly . And there is no doubt that the belts are the most useful garments in the market, because they are specifically designed for this.

The Colombian girdles will help you in the recovery process, because they provide the necessary understanding so that your body adapts to the new condition, in addition to contributing to the skin adheres to the muscles again, avoiding fluid retention. There are many doctors who advise the use of these molding garments after leaving the operating room and in a period ranging from one to three months.

Keep in mind that if you stop using this article for the first 15 days after the intervention, you could promote the inflammatory process and completely damage the surgical work; Similarly, we especially recommend the full body postoperative shaper, because it exerts high pressure, covering the abdominal area, buttocks, back and legs.

In our store we have models as ergonomic and soft fabric as the body tanya plus, from our remodeling line. Its characteristics make it ideal to cope more comfortably with the postoperative period of cosmetic surgery, since it helps reduce sizes instantly, refines the waist, corrects the posture and provides comfort to the spine; In addition to lifting the buttocks naturally and be very pleasant to the touch, due to its internal lining in cotton and seaweed microcapsules.

In Fajas Colombianas we are a company founded in Guadalajara in 2010 and since then, our brand has experienced an incredible evolution in the market, reaching position as one of the best options for men and women who want to work on their figure using girdles in León. At present, we are dedicated to the distribution of nutrition products and the remodeling line, with various branches nationwide. To request a quote, write in the online chat or fill out the contact form.

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