Detox to have a nice and healthy body while using your Colombian Waist Shaper

Detox to have a nice and healthy body while using your Colombian Waist Shaper


     The body has natural cleansing and detoxification mechanisms that are given through organs such as the kidneys, liver and lungs because they help to discard toxic or harmful for its proper functioning.

      In many occasions and due to our bad habits, we create physical and emotional dependencies that create intoxication at all levels, so that the body becomes saturated with toxins that are externally reflected in the paleness of the skin, tiredness, dark circles, irritability, among others, and on the other hand the emotional signs that are evident through stress and inadequate nutrition.

     One of the main factors of toxicity are the hormones and condoms that we use both in food and in our daily lives, the most common example is in the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, soft drinks or artificial juices.

     Detoxifying does not mean going to extreme diets or eliminating food groups, detoxifying is achieved through a healthy diet free of preservatives, preservatives, hormones, soy, sugars and dairy products.


The best way to detoxify the body is through a healthy diet. Breathing and meditation are also an excellent option since they calm anxiety by giving the body a state of tranquility where the negative effects of cortisol production are eliminated.


It is important that detoxification is a habitual and permanent process and you should not wait to have signs of nutritional illness such as fatigue or irritability to assist a specialist. Going to the nutritionist is important to advise on what could improve the detoxification system of our body and we could acquire nutritional habits to avoid exposing it to bad body mass indexes.


Weight is lost once you have healthier habits, in addition a healthier and more vigorous aspect is achieved where the main ally is adequate nutrition, who becomes the main factor to recover the figure. If you complement that with the daily use of your Colombian FTC belts, the result can be even greater.


Fad diets are everywhere, our suggestion is that you should make a very balanced diet, eye, extreme diets could make you lose muscle mass and as a result there is a deceleration of the metabolism. It is very important to consume food every 3 hours, approximately, in small portions, allowing the consumption of proteins that are of animal or vegetable origin, it is very important for the body to receive all the amino acids of proteins and be fed and balanced; thus it can be thin and keep the muscle mass intact resulting in a permanent and natural thinning.


Water is one of the main detoxifying factors that nature gives us so that we consume it permanently, water must be taken all the time, we must not wait until we are thirsty, it can be natural water or fruit water like coconut, cucumber or strawberries WITHOUT SUGAR; as well as infusions of ginger, cinnamon water, water with lemon, water of pineapple peel, green tea, white tea, in short. The important thing is not to add chemicals or sugar of any kind.


Some suggestions for a detox in a natural and appropriate way so that the body is not harmed are:

Drink water with lemon on an empty stomach
    Drink natural water during the day
    Drink green tea
    Eat chia seeds, flaxseed, pumpkin in food
    Consume marine algae and vegetable-type proteins.
    Remove dairy from all kinds of your routine diet. In exchange you can consume almond milk, or rice, less soy
    Eat protein such as fish and organic chicken
    Eat organic eggs
    Eat brown rice and / or vegetable in large quantities
    Avoid the consumption of carbohydrates at night. On the other hand, you can have a broth of vegetables, wok vegetables and / or chicken, grilled fish with vegetables
    Avoid cooking your foods based on sauces with butter and saturated fats

What about Detox based on juices?

      It is not possible to over emphasize, there are people who due to the pH acidity have to reach a very extreme diet such as vaginismus or the consumption of juices as the only food to achieve pH alkalinity. But a person 100% healthy should avoid this type of extreme feeds to avoid the damage produced by this type of food.


Detox diets where only juices or fruits are consumed cause the body to absorb glucose from fruit sugar at the beginning, which causes the pancreas to produce more insulin, the cells absorb glucose and the sugar level may drop and feel dizzy or fatigue, the body feels weak and resorts to body reserves that come from fat and muscles. The body needs amino acids that are very important to have a good mood, there may be symptoms of dehydration or diarrhea and once the body has lost muscle mass there is a loss of weight, so the metabolism is altered and much more is done slow, so hunger strikes and if there is no good food you start to gain more weight and that is precisely what you have to avoid.

It is very important to keep in mind that losing weight and obtaining a healthy and beautiful body does not only depend on performing a surgical procedure, dieting or wearing sashes.

     Your body shape is very important your commitment and discipline, today we wanted to touch this topic since many women believe that wearing a girdle will lose weight and it is definitely a theory that is not real, our Colombian shapers form your body are designed to shape and reduce measures but that does not mean that you will lose weight, even so the advantages of using girdle When your purpose is to start with a balanced diet or treatment to reduce measures are many, because the immediate effect of using your belt Shape your body is to see you waist in the shortest time possible and make your pants feel less tight than normal , this effect is for you an incentive for you to start the diet today, when you put on a belt Shape your Body for the first time you are going to to use it every day, since the Shape your Body shawls will help you keep those chubby ones that bother you so much and for the sake of compression your appetite can also be controlled, when you start with a diet the hardest thing is to stay and your state of mind It greatly influences you to continue or desist, some people change their temperament, feel bad temper and this usually happens because the results do not look as fast as one would like and definitely the engine to not reverse is your attitude and state of mind, that is the best tool to achieve any goal that you propose so it is very helpful to use our Shape your Body shapers when you decide to start with some treatment as the result in your state of mind is immediate and incredible since you will see more slender , stylized and beautiful that every day and if you combine your treatment with our shapers, your body will achieve your goal.

Our Colombian body shape shapers are recommended by specialists such as plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors, aestheticians as ideal garments for body molding treatments because their manufacturing characteristics are designed to generate well-being for their patients, this is our specialty our line of post-surgical fascias help in the process of disinflammation, healing and drainage, control of back and arms, controls the abdomen, defines the waist and enhances the gluteal, does not hurt the skin, nor marks, softens the skin since its intelligent fabric is injected with seaweed and vitamin E taking care of the skin at all times, in most body molding procedures the result can be better and depends a lot on the type of girdle you choose, it is a decision as important as choosing your surgeon, using it from the first day helps Patients can be incorporated into their daily activities with tranquility and safety. ad.

     Remember that everything is possible with attitude and discipline, caring for your body will prevent you from suffering from any illness in the long term, use Shape your Body shapers is a good start check it for yourself, our belts fit every need, raise self-esteem and They encourage you to take care of your body always.

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