CORSETING OR WAIST TRAINING... Discover the solution that is best for you, your shape, your lifestyle, and your goals.

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CORSETING Steel-boned corsets use the boning and the tightening of the laces to slim the waistline. A corset will give you more dramatic slimming results but is less versatile and discreet than waist trainers. The construction of the corset ensures that the garment is durable and effective for maximum slimming. It is laced in the back for an optimum fit that provides dramatic results.


#hgababe thoughts on corseting

"I have gotten my first waist trainer 5 years ago and it was part of my journey losing 15 lbs. I have gotten the steel-boned corset and I love it. Took me 3 weeks and already I am ordering a smaller size". Yannette A.

"I love the way it looks and feels on my body! Only thing is I should’ve bought a 30 instead because this one will probably close in a week or two." Cynthia B. 


WAIST TRAINING A waist trainer, also known as a cincher, is a garment that slims the waist with the aid of compression material, typically constructed with a latex core and hook-and-eye closures in the front.  Latex waist trainers and fitbands effectively increase thermal activity and perspiration around your core, boosting daily activity and workouts.

#hgababe thoughts on waist training

"I purchased the classic waist cinched and absolutely love it! After two weeks of wearing it (and going to the gym) I see a noticeable difference. I see more of my curves coming back." Alaina S. 

"I have been wearing my waist trainer 10 hours a day for the past month, and I have lost 15 pounds and 2 inches off my natural waist without the trainer on! My waist trainer is already getting looser, and next month I will be purchasing a Small! You have changed my life and my confidence." Alyssa R. 



key takeaway

When it comes down to it, corsets can be tricky and time-consuming to put on, while waist trainers tend to be more user-friendly. Both garments just take practice and can help you effectively waist train. We recommend using what you feel most comfortable in. 

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