Colombian Fajas, the secret product that millions want in the US (even Kim Kardashian)

Colombian Fajas, the secret product that millions want in the US (even Kim Kardashian)

Just like thousands that wonder , what faja or body shaper does Kim Kardashian wear.   Well here it is Kim K wears this brand of faja colombiana.  Click below.

kim kardashian faja
Kim Kardashian was portrayed using one of the models made in Colombia.

After China, Colombia is the second exporter of belts in the world. The interesting thing is the market that most desires its control garments in the United States.

The Colombians have been wearing girdles for decades, but now the world and especially the United States seems to be infected with the same devotion (obsession?) For tame the belly. Even Kim Kardashian boasts of her belt made in Colombia.

“After China, Colombia is the second exporter of belts in the world. Thus, the market for this intimate garment represented the country with an income of 37.4 million dollars in 2014, and 43.6 million in 2015, showing year-on-year growth, ”says Inexmoda forcefully, the National Institute for Fashion Export Colombian

The interesting thing is that these million-dollar exports have two strategic destinations: women from the United States and those from Mexico.

Of the five million belts produced annually by the company Fajas Salome, the number one in this field in the South American country, 90% is exported to the United States.

“If we could fully meet the demand for belts that we have in the United States, we should be producing 15 million a year,” explains Angélica Riveros, CEO of Fajas Salome USA, the branch that created the Colombian company five years ago in Miami five years ago. experience that has its largest market in the states of Texas, California and Florida.

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This is one of the most successful Fajas Salome brand belt models in the US Credit: Courtesy Fajas Salome

In Colombia there have always been girdles, in part, because this being a textile country, saw a strong industry of underwear and corsetry growing that paid land for this garment to enter its intimate catalogs more than 30 years ago, when not even They were in fashion.

These control garments began to be in the closet of hundreds of Colombians thanks also to the boom in plastic surgeries that even encouraged strong tourism from abroad that sought out Colombian specialists to get their procedures done.

“The more operations were carried out in the country, the more the need was created to create garments that were capable of providing control, firmness and care to the newly operated body. This was generating a competitive industry, ”explains Clara Henríquez, director of Commercial Platforms at Inexmoda.

But far from what can be suspected, Angelica Riveros de Fajas Salome believes that this market has not necessarily become popular thanks to the growing Latin American market: “It was only when we began to colonize the African-American market that we began to see our numbers multiplied This is an unattended market, which handles very large sizes and does not find in the offer a garment that will work for them. ”

Precisely, this Colombian brand began to provide its flagship belt or “waistband” as they call it, PreMadonna, the reality celebrity and founder of the Waist Gang Society who was responsible for uprooting Kim Kardashian and her entire clan with her girdles. “It was thanks to this alliance that we realized that this was a very interesting niche for us,” explains Riveros.

20 weeks ago, at least that is what Instagram reports, Kim Kardashian appeared wearing one of the emblematic PreMadonna models manufactured by the Colombian firm. One that has whale bones, (as those guilds that shape the waist are known in the guild) and hooks.
kim kardashian skims

"This is a garment made of latex that from the moment of its production, in our own rubber fields, a special treatment is made for human use and to allow the greatest possible elasticity and containment," explains Angelica Riveros.

"Our research has revealed to us that Colombian belts, in addition to being produced with state-of-the-art technology, have a high quality that is seen in materials and supplies and in the way it is manufactured," adds Henríquez de Inexmoda

Although the Chinese girdles oscillate around 11 dollars, the Colombian ones are in a range of 50 dollars. The difference in price has not been, however, a factor that prevents the growth of the Colombian garment.

But beyond niche markets such as Latin or African American, the truth is that the chances of using a sash have expanded over the decades.

If only a few years ago only women who had just given birth, or very fat women used them, today the girdle has become a shaping tool that does not know about sizes. "Our small sizes are selling very well and women are wearing a girdle for the office, another to go to the gym and a different and very delicate for their gala dresses," adds the representative of Fajas Salome.

We will have to wait if this growing love for the girdles does not have consequences on the health of women, because although brands often say that if you buy the right size and use it gradually there should be no problem, many do not manage to endure them for more than one day. That functionality-health-price relationship will finally define if the belts (and not coffee) are definitely the new emblem of Colombia in the world.

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