5 types of Colombian belts and what they are for

5 types of Colombian belts and what they are for

There are different types of Colombian belts and each one has a specific function. Here we give you five models so that you know their characteristics and dare to wear one. They are wonderful!

Body Shapewear
body shapewear
They are better known as full body belts. In this category there are different: those that cover you to the knees, those that are type "short" and those that are panty. They have various functions: they are post operative and postpartum, for sports use or they serve as abdominal reinforcement because they are of greater compression. They help you reduce centimeters of waist and abdomen. Some have the function of lifting the buttocks. And the longest - these reach to the knees - are to reduce hip and legs.

Colombian vest girdles
colombian vest girdle
These belts cover the entire abdomen, back and reach the hip. They have different qualities: they help correct the posture thanks to the supports they have on their backs. They are regularly high compression, so they help a lot to reduce both back and waist measurements. There are some waistcoat strips that are for exercise and help you lose weight.

These girdles go from the lower part of the bust to the hip, and as the name implies, their greatest effectiveness is at waist level since they are high compression. With the belts, measures are lost immediately.


Latex waistbands
latex waistband
Unlike the previous one, the latex waistband is used for exercise. This strip increases heat and maximizes the results of the exercise. It fits perfectly to the body and allows greater mobility. It is high compression and helps you maintain your posture, as well as losing measures immediately.

Short girdles
short girdles
This girdle is exclusive for legs and waist. There are different types: the short shorts of the legs but covering up to the waist. The long high-waisted short that covers the abdomen. The short shorts with an extra high waist covering the base of the bust, among others. They are girdles that help you reduce measures immediately, lift the buttocks and control the abdomen.


Knowing these types of belts and what they work for, you will surely be encouraged to use one. They are highly recommended. Contact us!

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