Exercises to recover the body after the baby comes along with your girdle

Exercises to recover the body after the baby comes along with your girdle

The body of women goes through many changes as the process of pregnancy develops and progresses, so that it can adapt to all the stages that entail giving life to another human being.

But that does not mean that the pregnant woman should remain completely immobile from the beginning to the end of her pregnancy, unless it is clear that by medical orders she must be at rest.

The same applies to those who gave birth recently, are preconceptions that must be discarded, with due caution, always with the permission of the doctor and according to what the body allows to do.

It does not matter if you had never exercised, if you practiced some type of sport occasionally or if you maintained an active lifestyle full of activities, when you are pregnant it is important to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle to avoid overweight during and after having babies, since it can be much easier to perform daily activities when you practice an activity that fills you with energy.

In addition, you keep diseases away from you, a very important fact, since everything that happens while your baby is being formed will affect you directly. That is when they are more connected than ever. You are creating a new life, so you should think of ways to stay active.

One of the diseases that can affect you and your baby is gestational diabetes, where blood sugar and glucose levels rise. Two out of every 100 women or 10 percent of the female population in pregnancy get to develop this disease. It is not good for the baby or the mother, however in many cases it disappears when giving birth.

However, it is necessary to perform periodic medical examinations and perform some type of exercise to keep blood sugar levels under control.

After giving birth, and the doctor gives the approval, then give yourself the pleasure of increasing the exercise time, types of sports you practice and even your baby can exercise with you. But remember that your muscles may be somewhat weak and the most important thing is to listen to your body, how much you can do and up to what limit.

You can perform different types of exercises, but the most recommended are the following:


It is an exercise that has a low impact on the joints and allows pregnant women to move more easily because the water eliminates the extra weight that the baby is contributing, helping to perform exercises such as water aerobics or just floating in the water.

Many times you practice water sports when having the baby is a good way to teach him to swim without transforming it into a traumatic experience, you can also join and continue working out without major complications, since it is very common to have little strength in the area of ​​the arms and abdomen , due to muscle strain.


post parto

Walking is one of the best exercises that can be performed, they are relatively easy to do, free and give you the ability to see another landscape and accelerate your heart rate, which will contribute to weight loss.

This type of exercise can be performed during and after pregnancy. The difference is that, postpartum walks or jogging can be accompanied by girdles or bodysuits that keep your middle area compressed so that you feel the support of the garment while you exercise. Since the abdomen muscles have undergone considerable stretching for nine long months and need to return to their natural state, the postpartum girdle represents an extra help for those areas that are weakened.

You can use them when you go for a walk or jog accompanied by your baby. There are currently many baby carriages that are specifically built to help moms looking to have an active lifestyle to take their children on jogging and walking trips, they are aerodynamic and safe for little ones.

Also for household chores, since its latex coverage will help to generate heat in the middle area, collaborating with the production of sweat and in turn with the loss of retained fluid, which can become quite annoying.



incline pushups


If you have more resistance then series of twenty will be enough to keep your arms in shape while you watch your little one.

You can use your modeling girdle while doing this exercise as it will help keep your abdomen compressed and your back straight, which you should do while doing the push-ups to avoid lower back pain, in addition to contracting the buttocks for greater stability.


It is a very complete exercise that combines the stretching with the resistance that will make your muscles much stronger as your classes progress. It will help clear your mind of negative thoughts that can often appear, known as postpartum depression, since the body and hormones are not in total control, however yoga focuses on balancing the mind and body so It is highly recommended.

As for the physical part of the exercises, it helps improve the breastfeeding process, strengthens the upper and lower extremities, corrects the posture, abdomen and muscles of the pelvis.

In addition, the baby can be included in the classes, creating an even deeper relationship between mother and child.

This type of exercise benefits babies a lot, as it helps them stretch their muscles and improve circulation throughout their body.


It is an exercise that helps to relax your mind and body at the same time, look for a position that is comfortable, lying or sitting, inspire your nose by counting to two and exhale through the mouth by counting to three, this will help to use all the ability to your lungs and will improve the oxygenation of your blood.


If you have had a C-section then you should keep your physical activity to a minimum for at least two months. So that your body can heal enough to support physical activity without major complications.

Avoid doing abdominals the first few weeks after having your baby, since the muscles of your abdomen are distended and in many cases separated because they needed to make room for the little one that was growing inside you.

It is always good to consult with a coach, to know what exercise is appropriate in those cases, so that you do not get hurt doing more than your body can withstand.


You should maintain a diet rich in nutrients and fiber during pregnancy, so that it helps with bowel movement, accompanied by the regulatory vitamins to give the baby everything it needs during pregnancy.

When you give birth, then monitor your diet, do not drink alcoholic beverages while you are breastfeeding, as traces of alcohol may appear in the milk you give your baby, stay away from processed foods, try to be as fresh as possible , so that the nutrients that enter your system are directly from the fruit or vegetable.

If possible do not drink sodas, it is better water or natural juices, which will give the necessary amount of sugar to your body so that it works in optimal conditions and reduces the amount of salt you consume.

There are many ways to modify the diet, so that it is not a burden, but on the contrary, it is the lifestyle you continue to have, even if your baby is no longer dependent on breast milk and begins his way through the world of solid food


If you notice too much fatigue even when your routine is light, then you should talk to your doctor to assess what is happening, you may be exceeding or need vitamins to complete your diet.

If you notice pink or darker vaginal discharge, you should also let them know, so that you can indicate more precisely.


Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is not only necessary to avoid transmitting bad habits to the new family member, but they prevent the formation of allergies from an early age, by keeping your body healthy, the nutrients that you pass through milk Maternal will be optimal to boost their development and growth.

In addition you can return to the weight and body you had before having your baby more easily. What in many women can cause postpartum depression since they do not look the same as before becoming pregnant, but you must have something very present, your body is not the same at that time, it has changed to give way to a new stage of your life, and you must accept it, having control over what you eat and how you exercise is the first step to a life full of vitality and energy to enjoy with the little one in the family.

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