All about girdles! Myth or Reality?

All about girdles! Myth or Reality?

Surely we all know someone who constantly wears control garments: women who do not spend a single day without using a girdle that enhances their curves or helps them hide disgusting chubby ones; But have you ever thought that biomodelers are much more than that? Here we tell you all about girdles, myths and realities of these control garments.

    The girdles are only for women past kilos
    MYTH! They are used by women of all textures, from the thickest to the thinnest, because these garments are also recommended to correct the posture, keep the abdomen contracted or help you recover the silhouette after surgery.

2.The girdles thin or reduce measures
    REALITY! The permanent use of control garments will help you reduce measurements and shape the figure. Even the compression they exert on the abdomen helps you regulate the amount of food you eat daily.
    * Use them in materials that provide extra strong control or reduction.

    Girdles bother or despair
    MYTH! Our control garments go through high-tech processes, so they are soft, light and light. They have fewer cuts and seams, which does not carve or mark on your skin. They represent a comfortable, fast and efficient solution, and are designed to fulfill their function according to body measurements, so before using it, verify that it is the same size you wear in outerwear.

Now that you know the answer to these myths, venture to look for the girdle for you, either after a pregnancy, to wear under your dresses and soften your curves, to exercise or for whatever you want. There is an ideal girdle for everyone, because life is full of moments and there is a perfect girdle for each one of those moments.

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