5 Post Surgery Recovery Tips

5 Post Surgery Recovery Tips

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The care after a liposuction is of vital importance for post surgery recovery and when we
perform a surgical procedure the most important thing is recovery because our body will be totally sore and vulnerable, we will feel a slight depression after anesthesia and that is when we should know and have these 5 tips to make this process much more bearable for you.

Tip #1
Eat Animal protein in abundance.

     The meal before surgery and after your post surgery recovery for care and liposuction promotes healing of our sore body and helps fight infection, recover the muscle helping to heal quickly, so I recommend eating during the day, Eggs, chicken breast, fish.  I assure you that this will reduce the pain and recover quickly and effectively, it worked for me and it is something that I strongly recommend.

Tip #2 

Use a body shaper every day

     It is totally advisable for the post surgery recovery care after a liposuction to have a Colombian girdle for daily use, not only do I recommend it for you, but your surgeon will do the same.  It is essential for a liposuction recovery or any surgical intervention to hold your skin so that it adheres again to your skin, it will also shape your body and give shape to your curves while reducing swelling, minimizing bruising and helping to avoid the risk of skin irregularities, this personally helped me a lot to use a girdle for my post operative as well as help my circulation.

Tip #3
Post Surgical Accessories

     The post-surgical compression garments after liposuction accessories are the products that I most recommend for care after liposuction because they helped me to be totally comfortable while recovering from my liposuction.  What I did was to acquire a compression garments that liposuction combo that has three items; a lumbar board for your back will help to reduce the inflammation of your body, two side protectors that helped reduce the pressure of the zipper or the closure or even in the areas of the sides where it was uncomfortable to support the girdle, you can really place them in any area.  Very Useful!  And finally an ab board for your abdomen will also help in reducing inflammation, all this I placed under my body shaper and I really felt comfort, perfect for my recovery.

Tip #4 

Do breathing exercises

     Something that my doctor recommended for post surgery recovery care after a liposuction and that during my process it helped to reduce my headaches so strong like breathing exercises, inhale through your nose for 3 seconds, with your mouth closed and hold your breath for only 3 seconds and then exhale through the mouth (half open) for 3 seconds, this condition in my post operative helping me to be much more comfortable and take everything more calmly.  I really advise you to do it.

Tip #5
Post operative massages
      The massages for post surgery recovery definitely helped care after an incredibly liposuction to recover, whenever I was sore I felt a lot of pressure and could not move but once I took the massages, which during the process hurt me a little, after this I could stretch, move more easily, I felt really different besides that these post-operative massages help; eliminate retained fluids, avoid and eliminate fibrosis, scarring is generated more quickly, bruises are removed quickly, it is really an option that you have to contemplate in your post operative process.

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